Justice (Creed Brothers #1)(8)

By: K.C. Lynn

His taking.

His arresting eyes sweep over my body, my skin tingling beneath his heated gaze. He removes his shirt, the material clearing his head and revealing a breathtaking sight. If he wasn’t intimidating enough, the lean muscles and black ink woven up his body seals the deal.

My mouth waters for a taste but I stay where I am, because the truth is, even though I want this more than anything, I am way out of my league here.

“I’ve waited a long fucking time for this, Ryanne.” His admission has my heart stalling in my chest. I’m not the only one who has felt this.

A connection I can’t explain, a need I can’t escape.

He feels it too, however, I am no fool. My heart is wrapped up in this but his is not. Attraction and feelings are two very different things and I know to expect nothing but this one night with him. I’m just praying my heart will survive it.

He drags me to the edge of the bed and kneels before me. I look at him between my slightly parted legs, my heart banging inside my chest as he slowly removes my panties. He spreads my knees wide, his gaze riveted on my most intimate part.

“Look how pretty you are.” His fingers part my lips and skim over my swollen clit, creating a raging inferno seconds before he enters a single finger into my snug entrance.

A gasp purges from my throat, body arching as I fist the sheets at my side.

“I’ll try to be careful with you, Ryanne, but this untouched pussy will belong to me by the time I’m done with you. Tonight, I fucking own it and your virgin blood is mine.”

“Justice,” I breathe his name, unsure if I want to beg for more or tell him to stop. He’s taking too much from me, stealing my carefully guarded heart, and I can’t let him, not when there is no future for us. As long as he shares his desires with his brothers he will never be mine, nor I his, but right now, this moment is ours.

The thought trails off when his face dips between my legs and tongue delves in, lapping at my hot flesh. My body jerks off the bed, a cry of pleasure ripping from my throat.

“So goddamn pure.” His words vibrate against me, sending shock waves to travel through my body. Every slow, fiery lick of his tongue takes me higher, delivering a pleasure I’ve only ever imagined.

My head thrashes from side to side, hips lifting, pussy bouncing against his skillful tongue. When his fingers speed their thrusts, harder—deeper, I propel to a forbidden world, a mind-numbing orgasm claiming me like never before.

By the time I float down, reality reeling me in, Justice is on his feet, standing over me. Lust dominates his expression as he starts on his belt. My pulse skips, eyes drifting as he shoves his pants down, freeing himself.

Strong, powerful—beautiful. That’s what he is.

Despite my lack of experience, I’m unable to hold back. Sitting up, I tentatively reach out to touch him, my fingers grasping his smooth, hard cock, stroking from base to tip.

He thrusts into my hand, a hiss escaping him. I lick my lips at the drop of pearly fluid that seeps from the tip, curious what it would taste like.

“Do it, baby,” he says, sensing my thoughts. “Wrap those pretty lips around my cock and suck it.”

The need in his rough voice gives me the courage to lean forward and do exactly that. My tongue darts out first, licking the fluid, the salty taste coating my tongue before I take him all the way in. Tentatively and slowly, unsure if I’m doing it correctly.

“That’s it, good girl.” His fingers tighten in my hair, coaxing and guiding me. “You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth, Ryanne.”

His words empower me, the need to please him like he did me taking over. I peek up at him from beneath my lashes as I suck back to the top, swirling my tongue around the tip.

A growl rumbles deep within him, his hips surging forward, driving himself until he hits the back of my throat. Whimpering, I relinquish all control over to him.

His thrusts are smooth and steady, making the spot between my legs throb to feel him there in the same manner. “Do you like it, Ryanne? Like it when I fuck this hungry little mouth of yours?”

I moan to convey just how much, my throat relaxing, cheeks hollowing.

Groaning, he pulls away. “No more.”

I look up at him, my breathing becoming heavier seeing the carnal hunger raging in his dark eyes. His hand presses on my chest, coaxing me to my back once again, then he spreads my legs, hooking his arms under my knees and lining himself up.

“Tell me you’re sure,” he rasps, peering down at me. “Tell me you want this, because once we go through with it there is no taking it back. No regrets, Ryanne.”

There’s no way I will ever regret this night with him, no matter what comes of it. “I want this. I want you,” I tell him, strong and sure.

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