Justice (Creed Brothers #1)(7)

By: K.C. Lynn

The meaning and thought behind his generosity has warmth invading my chest. “It’s so beautiful. Thank you,” I whisper, fingering the dainty necklace.

“Not what you were expecting though.”

My eyes meet his, the truth passing between us. “No, not what I was expecting but still special.”

He steps closer, invading my personal space. “What is it you really want?”

We both know the answer to that but once again he wants me to say it, and this time, I’m going to. I square my shoulders and decide to lay it all out, knowing this might be the only chance I ever get.

“One night with you.” It’s a partial lie, I want more than one night, but I know how Justice works and if one night is all I can have then I’ll take it.

His eyes never leave mine as he takes another long pull of his beer, silence thickening the air. He places the bottle down and walks around behind me, his chest crowding my back. “Just me?” His breath tickles, lips brushing my ear.

“Y-yes.” My eyes close, teeth grinding at the way I stammer the response.

“You sure?” His arm wraps around my waist, palm flat against my stomach as he pulls me back against him.

My breathing kicks up, skin burning beneath my dress. “I know what I want. I know what I’m asking,” I tell him, surprised I can form a single word.

“I’m not so sure you do, Ryanne.” His free hand drops to my leg, fingers skimming up my bare thigh to slip under my dress and touch the center of my damp panties.

My senses reel, the fiery touch almost knocking me off my feet.

“Do you have any idea what my brothers would do to you right now if they were here with us?”

I tense at the thought, my heart thumping like a steel drum.

“Do you?” he asks again, a little firmer this time.

I shake my head, too scared to think of the erotic act let alone speak of it.

His hand on my stomach moves upward, covering my breast and kneading the achy flesh. “Brax would start by sucking on these pretty tits,” he says, giving my sensitive nipple a firm pinch through the thin fabric of my dress. “He’d feast on them until you were writhing and begging for more.”

A fiery whimper breaches my lips, my knees threatening to buckle.

His arm holds me tighter, stopping me from collapsing to the floor. “And Knox would eat this sweet little pussy.” He slips his fingers beneath my panties, delving into my wet heat. “His tongue would do things to your clit that’s beyond your imagination.” He strokes the bundle of nerves in question, making my eyes practically roll into the back of my head.

Fire spreads through my body at the erotic image he paints, the roaring flames threatening to burn me alive.

“While they both did that I would fuck you from behind, my cock pounding you hard and deep.” He follows the dirty words by inserting a finger inside of me.

“Oh god!” My head drops back on his shoulder, the beautiful invasion ravaging my body.

“What do you think, Ryanne? Is that what you want?”

I shake my head.

“Really? Because the way your pussy is dripping all over my finger right now tells me you’re lying.”

“No,” I cry, finally finding my words. “I don’t want anyone but you.”

It’s the god’s honest truth, as much as the rumors have intrigued me, I want no one but Justice. Only him.

He turns his face into mine, his lips brushing my damp cheek. “Good. Because this virgin pussy is mine, understand? No one gets it but me. Not even my fucking brothers.”

The fear I’ve had buried deep in my heart eases as he stakes his claim, even if it’s only for this night. His hand in my panties stops its beautiful assault and he lifts his fingers to my lips, smearing my arousal on them.

I gasp, shocked by the bold act yet incredibly turned on.

Spinning me around, he yanks me against his hard body and takes my mouth in a fiery kiss. Demanding—dominating—and I completely give into it, drowning in my own forbidden desire.

“Pure fucking innocence.” His hand fists my hair as he angles my head to thrust his tongue deeper, the taste of him completely intoxicating.

My breath comes out in short pants, exhaling into his mouth as I try to breathe through the wild passion we create. He unzips my dress, letting the straps fall down my shoulders until the material pools at my feet. It leaves me naked except for my tiny pink silk panties.

His hands cup my bottom, lifting me off my feet. I wrap my legs around his hips and arms around his neck, the fabric of his shirt scraping against my sensitive nipples. He carries me into his room and lays me across the bed, sprawling me out for his view.

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