By: Laurann Dohner

“A few days, if that’s all right. I thought I’d stick around to help the new females adjust to outside life unless I get a call from the task force. I have a lot of free time between recoveries.”

He bit his lip. “Why don’t you come to the cafeteria with me if you are staying? I’d like them to know you on sight to make certain something like this doesn’t happen again. We could share dinner afterward. It’s the only time I have free. You can talk to me while we eat. After dinner I have to prepare for a press conference being held outside the gates at ten o’clock regarding last night’s activities.”

“That would be great.” She remembered her torn shirt. “Do I have time to change?”

She smiled. “Although if I didn’t, I’m betting none of them would forget how I look if I released my shirt. I’m not sure they’d remember my face but it might do something for boosting human relations with your men if they saw me in a bra.”

His entire body shook with laughter. Justice is scorching hot, Jessie decided. His eyes sparkled and his generous mouth widened to reveal white teeth. She saw a flash of points along his bottom lip. He has the Species fangs after all. She felt her body respond.

She’d not only have to change her shirt but her thong too if she didn’t get a grip. She wondered what his teeth would feel like against her skin if he nipped her with them.

“Down girl,” she muttered.

His laughter died. “Excuse me?”

He’d heard her speak. She’d forgotten that Species had enhanced hearing. “It was nothing.” She smiled again. “So, do I change or go as I am?”

“Why don’t you exchange shirts? I’ll talk to them while we wait for you and I’ll introduce you when you arrive. Do you know where the cafeteria is?”

“I ate breakfast there with Breeze this morning.”

“I’ll see you when you return.” He turned and walked away.

Jessie watched him move out of sight. The man fit a pair of jeans better than any guy she’d ever seen. He had long muscular legs that stretched the denim around his thighs and his rounded ass. He wore black high tops. They had Velcro strap closures.

They would be fast to take off.

She grinned over her wayward libido, moving quickly toward the elevator. She appreciated a man who wore things that were fast and easy to get off. She shook her head at her reflection inside the elevator as she rode it up. He’s Justice North, a New Species and you know you can’t ever go there. It would cost my job. Tim would not only kick my ass but he’d boot it from the task force.

Jessie leaned forward, peered at her reflection in the mirror and winced. She could use some makeup but she rarely bothered unless she had to. She’d done all that for her first husband and it had been a waste of time. He’d expected her to primp for him or he’d been insulting. Her need to please had died when her marriage had. The bastard had an affair with a fellow soldier while on training exercises. She backed up and ran her fingers through her hair. It was really bright red, a mess and she couldn’t look worse if she tried. She might be attracted to the sexy Species but he wouldn’t feel the same about her.

The elevator doors opened and she practically ran down the hall. She wasn’t sure what had gotten in to her since meeting Justice but the man turned her on. It had been a long time since she’d met anyone who attracted her. He definitely made her heart race and wild thoughts filled her head. Two years had passed since her bitter divorce and she hadn’t been interested in men.

Well, there was that one guy, she remembered, but does a one-night stand after drinking too much count? She decided not to ponder that one. That had been a rough night and she’d needed the comfort of another person. It was right after the first time she’d retrieved the body of a New Species female.

The bastard who’d murdered her had buried her small, broken body under the basement floor of the cell he’d kept her in for years. The sight of watching the body unearthed had driven Jessie straight to the nearest bar and right into the arms of the first man who looked good. She’d wanted to forget the pain of knowing what had been done to that poor victim and how they’d been too late to save her. The one-night stand had been a dud. He had talked a good game but once he’d hit the field, he hadn’t pitched worth a damn.

She entered her room and grabbed the first shirt lying on the bed, a blue tank top. It was big on her but she wasn’t surprised since all the New Species females living at Reservation were experimental prototype females for the drugs they’d used to make them so big and strong. The smallest one she’d ever seen stood about five foot ten. The tallest had to be about six foot three. They were sturdily built women who could bench press the average male if need be. The supply store carried spare clothes for the residents at Reservation and probably didn’t order a size small or medium in anything.

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