Justice (Creed Brothers #1)(5)

By: K.C. Lynn

“Why would they?”

I shrugged. “You didn’t even tell them you were leaving.”

“So? We don’t do everything together.”

That’s not what I heard.

I bit my tongue from voicing that out loud but he saw the question written all over my face.

His sexy lips pulled into that trademark smirk. “Got something on your mind, little girl, just ask.”

His “little girl” comment annoyed me. I wasn’t that much younger than him. “Is the rumor true?”

“Which one?”

He knew which one I wanted to know, he was just forcing me to ask it. I refused to. Not yet, maybe because I wasn’t ready to hear the answer.

“Are you as dangerous as everyone says you are?” I asked instead, something I probably should have gotten out of the way before he took me out in the middle of nowhere.

His easy demeanor dropped, a hardness entering his eyes. “Depends.”

“On?” I asked, my breath stalling in anticipation as I waited for his answer.

He drew in another long pull of his smoke and blew it out. “Whether or not you fuck with my family.”

I snap out of the memory when someone knocks into my table as they pass by.

“Sorry.” They toss the apology over their shoulder, stumbling to the bathroom. Clearly they’ve had one too many already.

Not many words were spoken between Justice and me after that. He ended up driving me home, making sure to drop me off down the street from my house. Something I felt bad asking him to do. I didn’t need to elaborate why. He knew but he didn’t seem to care. Probably because he was used to it. He and his brothers weren’t well liked, especially by the founding families who believe Winchester is their town.

People like my parents.

Over the years, Justice and I have had several more interactions. Usually running into each other by chance. We’d often end up going for a ride and talking, sometimes until the sun began to rise. As time passed, my infatuation for Justice grew and became so much more. I fell irrevocably in love with him yet he still keeps me at a distance. I’ve learned he keeps everyone at a distance except his brothers.

I haven’t seen them around in a few weeks and figured they were out on a mission; should have known he would show up here tonight. He always seems to come at the worst times. It’s not that I don’t want to see him; it’s the complete opposite. But how am I supposed to have fun now when every single girl in this place is falling all over him?

“Hey, Ryanne.” The masculine voice belongs to Derek Lancaster, son of Samuel and Donna Lancaster, another one of the founding families. Our parents are good friends. All the families stick together, almost like a creepy cult. Derek is a jerk to most people but is nice to me, a little too nice at times.

“Hey, Derek.”

“Happy birthday,” he says, taking the seat across from me.


“Why are you sitting by yourself? Shouldn’t you be the rowdiest one here?” he says, making a joke.

I tilt my glass toward him. “Just waiting for this Diet Coke to kick in.”

He chuckles, the charming sound barely making its way over the loud music.

“Who did you come with?” I ask.

“Dustin and Barry.”

I figured, the three of them usually hang out, the star football players and richest guys in school. Most of the time girls are falling all over them, except when the Creed brothers are in town…like now.

“How about a birthday dance?” he asks.

I’m not in the mood but I also don’t feel like sitting here all night. I open my mouth to oblige when a presence suddenly looms over me, casting a dark shadow. By the way my heart leaps I know who it is before I even look.

“Happy birthday, Ryanne.” Justice’s deep, gravelly voice triggers goose bumps across my skin. I look up; head craning all the way back as I meet his intense eyes, the dark irises rocking me to my very core.

“Thought you guys were out of town?” I say in greeting, not bothering to hide my annoyance.

“Just got back last night.”

Lucky me…

He remains where he is, his hard gaze making me shift in my seat. I swear he does it on purpose.

“If you don’t mind, we were having a conversation,” Derek says, his voice thick with arrogance.

Justice flicks him a hard glance that would have anyone pissing their pants.

No one fucks with Justice and everyone knows it, including Derek. However, his ego is bigger than his common sense.

Justice brings his attention back to me and leans forward, one hand braced on the table and the other on my chair as he cages me in. His scent and body heat surround me, penetrating all my senses.

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