Justice (Creed Brothers #1)(10)

By: K.C. Lynn

“So what happens now?” I ask, my fingertips dancing along the black tribal tattoo on his ribs.

He’s quiet for a moment, staring up at the ceiling while his smoke twists through the air. “We sleep.”

It’s a cop-out and we both know it but I can’t blame him. How do I expect him to answer something I don’t know either?

“I can leave now, if it’s easier,” I offer. It’s the last thing I want but maybe it’s best, the longer I stay here the harder it’s going to be to leave.

“You’re not going anywhere. We’re not done yet. Not by a long shot.”

Hope flares inside my chest, something I shouldn’t feel but I’m drawn to it. He shifts beneath my cheek as he puts his cigarette out before curling around me, his chin resting on top of my head. For the time being I just absorb this and forget about worrying what tomorrow will bring, my foolish heart praying for more.



Waking up with a warm, naked body draped across my chest breaks all my rules but I’ve never been good at following rules, not even my own, and I quickly discover that it’s the best one I’ve broken yet.

The morning sun creeps in through the blinds, lighting up my room while I stare at the ceiling and wonder what the fuck I’ve gotten myself into. I knew last night would happen eventually, I waited for it, for her to turn legal, but I was not prepared for it to rock me the way it has.

Ryanne Lockwood is like a secret addiction, my drug of choice, and I’ve fought my need for a long time for both our sakes. Last night that changed and I’m stuck with what to do now, guilt eating away at me as I hear my brothers beyond my bedroom door. It changes everything. She changes everything.

Carefully, I shift out from under her, the scent of her shampoo fading from my skin as I throw on my jeans from the night before. I quietly step out into the kitchen, coming face-to-face with my brothers. They sit at the small table in the midst of a heated argument.

Their attentions come to me, their eyes burning into my back as I grab a mug from the cupboard.

“Good morning, big brother.” Brax greets me first, sounding obnoxiously cheerful. “Rough night?”

I ignore the question and pour myself a cup of coffee. When I turn back to face them, I find Knox’s hard gaze on me, betrayal written all over his face. Braxten looks more amused than anything. It’s exactly what I expected from them both.

“Knox and I were just discussing how hurt our feelings are that you didn’t share with us last night.”

The thought of them touching Ryanne has my blood heating, a possession I’m not used to feeling. “Knock it off, Brax. We both know she’s not like that.”

“Exactly,” Knox says, voice hard. “So why did you do it?”

My eyes narrow at his accusing tone. “Why not? Since when are we not allowed to step outside the circle? It’s been done from time to time.”

At least by Brax and me. Never Knox.

“Maybe, but she’s different and we all know it.”

He’s right and it’s why he’s so mad. She has the power to change our relationship, a promise we all made for Knox’s sake. It’s exactly why I’m caught in a hard place, a dilemma I never thought I would find myself in. I’ve always been good with keeping my emotions out of this shit but not when it comes to Ryanne.

“So you’re just going to turn your back on us now?” he accuses.

I tense, every muscle in my body coiling tight. “I’ve never turned my fucking back on you, Knox. Not last night and not now!”

“All right, you two,” Brax cuts in. “Let’s call it a morning and hug it out.”

Knox and I ignore his attempt to play off the situation, our hard eyes never straying from the other’s. The fear and betrayal in his though has me backing down first. It’s this reason right here that I’m fucked.

“I’m not leaving you, man. It was just one night. Nothing more.”

A noise to my right has me regretting the words when I see Ryanne standing there. My cock hardens at the sight of her this early in the morning. She looks like she’s been fucked within an inch of her life and I know good and well she has been. The tiny strap of her dress drapes down her arm and her auburn hair is mussed, tangled around her pretty face. A face that’s pinched in hurt and anger.


Brax lets out a low whistle, making the moment even more fucking awkward.

“Yeah, don’t worry,” she speaks, flashing Knox a tight smile. “What happened last night meant nothing.” The pain written all over her face proves she’s a damn liar. “Carry on. I’ll see myself out.”

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