Just This Once (Last Frontier Lodge #3)(4)

By: J.H. Croix

She opened her mouth to say something and his lips came against hers. Soft and sure at once, he fit his mouth over hers. The second his lips met hers, deep longing pulsed within. Her mind went blank and she froze, but for the life of her she couldn’t pull away. Not when her body cried out for more, craving to get as close as she could to imprint herself against his body the way his lips were now molded to hers. He angled his head, his tongue tracing her lips. Her breath broke on a low moan, and he captured it by deepening his kiss. His tongue delved inside, hers responding by tangling with his. The kiss went from a tentative exploration to explosive. Heat surged through her in waves as she nearly crawled across the console to get closer. His hand stroked up her neck, lacing into the hair at her nape. His thumb brushed across the beat of her pulse, which went wild at the feel of his calloused skin against her.

Oh. My. God. He felt so good—so, so, sooo good. All this time, she hadn’t allowed herself to wonder what it would feel like to kiss Aidan. Every time her body considered it, she ran away from the thought, trying to shove her body’s desire into a box where she could lock it up and pretend it didn’t exist. Now that she’d tasted him, she didn’t think she could ever forget. He kissed the way he did everything—with complete confidence. He alternated with strong, commanding strokes of his tongue and soft, devastating kisses when he pulled back incrementally.

Somehow, her hand was stroking into the curls at the base of his skull, his hair damp against her fingers. He tore his mouth away, his lips coasting down her neck, his rough stubble scraping her skin, making her arch into him. Hot, wet kisses blazed a trail along the edge of her collarbone and dipped into the vee of her blouse. Her nipples were tight, peaked in desire. She wanted to feel more, more of everything. She wanted his touch on every inch of her body. Now.

Chapter 2

Aidan loosened his hand in Becca’s silky brown hair and dragged the back of his fingers along behind his lips. She tasted so damn good. She tried to blend in and not stand out, but she was too damn beautiful for that. Her kisses gave her away—passionate and wild. She threw herself into their kiss, her body twining against his in the cramped space of his car. He licked into the valley between her breasts. He couldn’t resist sliding his hand around to cup her breast, its weight heavy against his palm. Her nipple tightened under his touch.

Suddenly, there was a sharp knock at the window. He swore and leaned away from Becca. Her eyes slammed into his—her beautiful blue eyes. He’d stared into those eyes many times, always struggling to rein in the impulse to kiss her. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue, usually guarded with a hint of distrust, the shield she hid behind. At the moment, she looked as stunned as he felt. The shield had fallen and what he saw there slammed him in the gut. Vulnerability, confusion and desire swirled together for a split second before she shuttered them. She pulled back swiftly.

At another knock on the window, he turned and tapped the button for it to open. Conveniently, the windows had fogged between the rainy cold and the heat in the car. George’s grin met him. “Hey boss. We’re here.”

“I noticed. Give me a sec, okay?”

At George’s nod, he closed the window and turned back to Becca. She’d firmly planted herself as far away as she could, mashed up against the door with her arms crossed. She stared straight ahead. Her lips were plump and swollen, and her cheeks were flushed. Her pulse beat rapidly in her neck, her skin illuminated from the lights of George’s car behind them. Her pulse was the only clue that she was anywhere near as affected as he was by their kiss.

She spoke rapidly. “I don’t know how that happened, but let’s forget about it. I’m not thinking clearly and you’re not either. How about I hitch a ride back to Seattle with your guys? They won’t mind, right?”

Aidan shook his head. Maybe he hadn’t planned to kiss Becca tonight, but he’d wanted to ever since he’d first laid eyes on her almost ten years ago. Back then, she was a mere twenty-three years old and a very studious law student. He could still recall the first time he saw her. He was on a break between missions with his team. Gage had invited him and another friend, Matt, to a family barbecue. Becca had been seated at a picnic table, her glossy brown hair hiding her face as she studied a book. She was already in her second year in law school. Then, he was a young twenty-eight years old and deep in the swagger of being a Navy SEAL. He hadn’t even noticed her at first, but sat down at the table to rest his knee, which was sore from a fall. Becca had finally looked from her book and pushed her glasses up on her nose. He felt like he’d been punched. She was so damn beautiful, he’d simply stared at her.

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