Just Sex(71)

By: Heidi Lynn Anderson

“When she was born and I was scared shitless, it was you who stood by me and told me I could be a good father to her.” He felt moisture track down his face. He cleared his throat. “I knew my life was complete when you lifted Valerie from the clear plastic bassinet in the hospital on Valentine’s Day and placed her in my arms.” He swiped at his face. “Do you remember what you said?”

She nodded. “I said she was the luckiest little girl on the planet, because you were her dad.”

J.J. wound his hands into her hair and tilted her face to him. “I knew then that I needed to marry you.” He covered her mouth with his.

A soft cry came from behind them. He pressed his forehead to Kat’s.

“Someone is feeling left out,” she said. “I’ll get her.” Kat stepped to the baby carrier. “Then I need to call Patty and tell her the news.”

“Don’t bother.” He checked his watch. “She’ll be here in about five minutes. She and Ron are at your parents’ house with Sam. They didn’t want to miss the big reopening party.”

Kat lifted and placed the baby against her chest. “Hi, Valerie. I missed you.” She kissed the top of her head.

Love overwhelmed J.J. “You’re so beautiful.”

She walked with over to him with Valerie and laid her head on his chest. “I love you.”

Valerie reached for him, blowing spit bubbles. J.J. smiled and lifted her with his free hand out of Kat’s arms. The door flung open, rattling the pictures on the wall.

“Mom, did you say yes?” Sam called as he skidded to a stop.

“I said yes,” she said.

Sam plowed into them and wrapped his arms around their waists. “Good.”

Who would have thought that something that started as just sex would turn into so much more?

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