Just Sex(3)

By: Heidi Lynn Anderson

On the ride back to his place, he struggled to think of Sally’s big, round tits, small waist, hot, round ass and tight, wet pussy. He loved that Sally had no boundaries when it came to sex. It didn’t hurt that she could suck a golf ball through a drinking straw.

J.J. forced his head to clear. How could he think he had a snowball’s chance in hell with a woman like Kat? She would need romance. The only romance he had experience with was taking whatever girl he was sleeping with out after they had sex, so she wouldn’t stay in his bed too long and become too needy. Until now, that philosophy hadn’t seemed so fucked up. Maybe it was time for a change. He compelled his thoughts back to Sally, but Kat’s soft curves crowded his mind again.

He shook his head. “Stop it! Kat lost her husband six months ago, you asshole, and she’s still grieving. What would a woman like Kat want with her lawn guy anyway?” J.J. pulled into his apartment complex, parked his truck next to Sally’s yellow VW bug and forced a grin at the pretty girl sitting in her car, drumming her hot-pink acrylic nails on the steering wheel.

Sally grinned up at him and climbed out of her car. “Hi, sexy. If I had a key, I would already be in your apartment, naked.” She leaned into her car and grabbed her purse.

“The only woman who has a key is my mother.” He gave Sally’s ass a swat. “Your ass looks great in those shorts.”

“Hey! What was that for?” Her hard nipples poked through her tight black tank top.

Blood raced to J.J.’s cock as he wondered what Kat’s nipples would look like. “You know you like it.” He tugged Sally to him and tried to redirect his thoughts back to Sally. He dragged her to his apartment with every intention to burn Kat out of his mind once and for all.

Chapter Two

J.J. arrived at Kat’s large home just as the garage door closed behind her SUV. His gaze roamed over the lush grounds. He couldn’t hold his smile at bay. Pride filled him. The guys who came after he left last week did a good job. J.J. knew he was lucky. The men he hired worked hard and took pride in their jobs. He got out of his truck, retrieved his tools and made his way up the walk.

If he had a house, this was what he would like the landscaping to look like.

Pink and white impatiens swayed in the breeze in their mulched beds and an array of small decorative shrubs framed the space like an expensive picture frame. They accented the house’s Victorian style to a tee.

If the south Florida heat and humidity didn’t soak his skin, J.J. would have thought he was standing in front of a house in New England. He tried not to remember what happened last week after he left this place.

J.J. knew he fucked it up with Sally big time. He still couldn’t believe he called Kat’s name when he came in Sally’s mouth. Disgust ran through his veins like acid, his mother had taught him to respect women, not degrade them.

He set down his tools next to the house and went to work. J.J. had tried to reach Sally all week to apologize, but she wasn’t answering his calls, texts or emails. He even went to her house and job with no success.

After a half hour of weeding, J.J. was almost ready to start mowing. Maybe Kat would watch him from her bedroom window. He yanked an impatien instead of a weed. “Fuck.” J.J. pulled himself back to the task at hand. Sweat rolled down his face and dripped onto the moist ground. He glanced up at Kat’s bedroom window and wiped at the sweat dripping in his eyes.

A woman’s soft cries floated through the air. His heart stuttered and an odd mix of lust and fear filled him. J.J. tossed his tools to the ground and raced to the sounds. The whimpers became louder and he saw an open window on the side of the house. “Shit.” Doesn’t Kat know how unsafe leaving a ground floor window open is, especially for someone as wealthy and well known as she?

J.J. tried not to trample the new flowers in his panicked race to the window. Someone could break in. His thoughts were stopped short as shock ricocheted through his body right to his cock. “Fuck!” A herd of buffalo sat on his chest.

Kat floated in a cloud-like bed, the light-pink hue from the walls washing over her naked body, accenting every sweat-slicked, sexy curve. J.J.’s mouth watered. Her pink-tipped tits begged for his attention and her pussy glistened with her cream. The need to know how she tasted overwhelmed him and Kat’s raw moans of pleasure set his nerve endings on fire.

He took in her wide-splayed legs as she pressed the pink rabbit vibrator against her swollen flesh. The rabbit’s ears teased her clit with its vibrating motion. He could almost smell Kat’s excitement, feel her sweetness run over his lips, taste her on his tongue.

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