Just Sex(10)

By: Heidi Lynn Anderson

He hurried to the front of the house and stepped over Sam’s skateboard on his way to the door. J.J. pounded on the heavy wood. The solid brass knocker thudded against the thick mahogany. “Kat, I’m sorry. Open up, I want to talk to you.” He needed to tell her…what, that he wasn’t a rapist? Fat raindrops started to fall and soak through his shirt.

“Please just leave.” Kat’s muffled voice broke with emotion, almost bringing him to his knees.

“Please.” J.J. rested his head against the wood. “Kat, I’m sorry.” Water ran down his back. “Please, Kat. Can we talk about this?” He needed to see her, to hold her close and… For fuck’s sake. The last thing she needs is you.

Lightning splintered the sky as J.J. ran to his truck. He grabbed his cell, scanned through his contacts and found the one person he thought could help. J.J. started the ignition and headed home.

Patricia answered on the fifth ring. He told her every dirty detail of what he had done and prayed she would still help him. Patricia agreed and they made plans for Friday night. J.J.’s shoulders finally relaxed when he hung up with Patricia. He dialed his foreman Juan and arranged to have Kat’s yard done tomorrow. J.J. drove past his apartment complex and headed to his mother’s. He would take her to lunch. She would make him feel good about himself again.

* * * * *

J.J. sat at the bar in the Shady Horse Friday night. Dread and lust mixed like acid in his gut. He peeled the label of his Sam Adams as Irish music assaulted his ears. Every nerve in his body did a jig with the peppy tune. He glanced at his watch for the hundredth time.

Fred, the old Irish bartender, ambled over. “Boyo, looking at your watch is not going to make the time go any faster.”

He twisted the band on his wrist. “I know.”

“Who are you waiting for?”

What could J.J. say? He was waiting for the Kat Henderson to give him the time of day. His stomach tied in a knot. “Friends.”

“You are wound awful tight to be waiting for friends.” Fred swiped a rag over the well-maintained bar.

“Shit, Fred. Can I have another beer?”

“Coming right up.” The older man sniggered. “I hope your lady gets here soon.”

His gaze locked onto the bartenders. “How?”

“Boyo, I’ve been doing this for a long time. You have the look of a man waiting on a woman” The door swung open and more people flowed in.

J.J. searched the crowd and sighed. His disappointment socked him in the chest.

Fred set down a bottle of beer. “A good-looking boy like you? She’ll show up.”

“I hope so.” He palmed his beverage and took a long pull.

The bartender chuckled and walked way. The large oak door opened again. Patricia strolled in, with Kat right behind her.

“Thank you.” J.J. sent his prayer upward and relaxed.

A loud wolf whistle came from the old bartender’s direction. Kat sidled up to the bar with Patricia. J.J. picked at his beer bottle while she flirted with the old Irishman. Patricia was right. This is the best place for this.

Fred set one shot after another in front of Kat. She licked salt off her hand, tossed back the drinks and shoved limes in her mouth. He watched as she gasped and shuddered, making the ruby and diamond earrings dance at her ears and what was underneath her blouse jiggle.

The shirt framed her tits as if she was a priceless piece of art and streamed over her hips. His palms ached to feel her beautiful ass. J.J. couldn’t help but notice her lack of panty lines and red four-inch Fuck-Me-Pumps. He swiped at his upper lip. Fuck me sideways. She’s fucking hot. He couldn’t take looking at her without doing something about it.

J.J. needed to give himself some time. He stood, his long strides eating up the distance to the bathroom. He pushed open the door, locked it behind him and entered the only stall. Pine cleaner assaulted his nose. J.J. sniffed and leaned against the white tile wall.

He unzipped his jeans, his throbbing cock springing from his pants. The cool tile against his back did nothing to dampen his desire. He took his dick in his hand and pictured Kat’s hand milking him. He closed his eyes and imagined her red-painted nails gliding over his dick. Passion ran down his spine and exploded.

His hand moved faster and harder. Kat’s face in rapture flashed in his mind. The first spurt of cum came hot and fast, his body bucked, he bit down on his bottom lip and almost drew blood. He grabbed toilet paper and cleaned up.

What the hell was wrong with him? He had never had to beat off in a public restroom before. J.J. zipped his jeans, washed his hands and walked out of the bathroom. He motioned to Fred for another beer.

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