Hot Single Dad(6)

By: Mia Madison

“Goodnight then,” he leans forward and kisses me on the cheek.

I feel my face turn beet red. Usually his kiss hello or goodbye is the highlight of any time I see him, the feel of his soft lips on my cheek, the rasp of his beard against my skin, the male scent of him so close.

Right now, though, it feels super-charged with something more. Maybe because we are alone. Yes, that must be it. But I’m pretty sure that feeling is all one-sided and always has been.

I scuttle away upstairs and start unpacking my things. Luckily, I have my own bathroom. I don’t have to leave my room at all and can stay tucked out of sight until morning.



Fuck! She ran away from me so quickly. She must know how much I want her and I’ve driven her into her room. I am such an idiot, kissing her goodnight. She must think I’m the pervert best friend of her father. Shit, I’m almost old enough to be her father.

I have got to get control of myself. Maybe I should go out one night this week and get laid. But the thought of taking some other woman to bed just to scratch an itch when I really want Holly is less appealing by the minute.

I try to do some work, but I’ve lost all focus. On my way to bed, I pass Holly’s room, and I know she’s in there. I hope she’s not worrying what she is in for working for me.

I’m going to be doubly careful not to touch her or look at her or flirt with her. But I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s my only thought as I grab my cock and jerk off in the shower until I come, the stone-cold water not helping one bit. It doesn’t stop me thinking about her as I go to sleep either, or first thing when I wake. Not only that, when I go into the kitchen, there she is to torment me.

All she’s doing is getting the kids their breakfast, for fuck’s sake. They must have wakened and she went to them so I wasn’t disturbed. She’s pouring out the Froot Loops and milk and humming to herself. She didn’t have a disturbed night, then. I’m the only one who’s disturbed. She’s wearing a pink camisole and PJ bottoms with rabbits on them, which makes me smile.

“You like?” she says and does a little wiggle.

“Yes, I like.” Jeez, have a heart, Holly. Has she changed her mind about keeping me at arm’s length overnight? Is she deliberately flirting with me now? Whatever she’s thinking, my cock can’t cope with the way her tits jiggle in that camisole when she wiggles like that. I’ll be in my room jacking off for two months at this rate.

“I want some PJs like that, Daddy. Can I get some?” Katie says.

“Only if Holly wants to go shopping with you.” I am done with that Daddy daughter shopping thing. All the decisions make my head spin. Iris usually gets the kids clothes.

“I can take them,” Holly says. “Is there anything else they need while I’m there? Maybe vacation clothes for France?”

“Well, all their things from last year will be too small. I’ll give you my credit card. If you can bear it, get them enough for a couple of weeks.”

“Ooo,” Katie says. “I love going shopping.”

Jack rolls his eyes.

“Never mind, Jack, that’s girls for you.” I glance at my schedule. “If you’re still out in the afternoon, I’ll meet you all in McDonald’s after your shopping, to make up for it.”

As I leave for work, I hand Holly my credit card. “Treat yourself while you’re there—Katie will love to help you choose. Whatever you need for France. Things for the beach and lying around the pool. A few nice dresses for when I take all my favorite people out.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I’ll be upset if you don’t come back with at least a few new outfits.”

“Are you afraid I’ll show you up?”

“It will only be us there—but if the bunny PJs are anything to go by, I’m going to enjoy your choices. I can’t wait.”

She laughs. “I aim to please.”

Oh, I so wish that were true. She says it, but does she have any idea of all the ways I want her to please me?



The kids and I have fun. We go to Kidz ‘n’ Things, and there’s enough around to entertain Jack and plenty of cute clothes for them both so it’s all good.

“Daddy said you were to buy things for you,” Katie says, but there’s no way I’m buying myself clothes on his credit card.

We are far too early for McDonald’s, so we have all our purchases sent home and go to the petting zoo. As the twins run about feeding the animals, I have to make sure they are cleaning their hands properly with the hand sanitizer and take endless pictures, at their insistence, of every animal in the zoo to show their dad.

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