Go Long(4)

By: Joanna Blake

It was twisted, hurting something beautiful like that.

She nodded shyly and pulled my shirt over her. I grinned. She was so cute to be shy after what we'd just done. We'd rutted like the wild animals we were.

We were going to do a whole hell of a lot of rutting in the coming months.

Fuck it. Make that years. I could not imagine getting bored of that sexy body in my bed. Not for a long ass time. Maybe never.

Hell to the no, I was not letting her get away.

I got up and pulled my pants on to use the bathroom. I was whistling as I walked down the hallway. I was one lucky sonofabitch.

My first day here and I'd already got myself a girlfriend.

And what a fine ass girlfriend she was.


"Oh God. Oh my God."

I muttered to myself, grabbing for my clothes the instant he was gone. I was an idiot. How could I be so stupid?

My dad was going to kill me.

I swallowed and grabbed my stuff, checking to make sure the hallway was clear.

I winced with the first step. I was soaking wet and sore between my legs. That was from me- my blood and juices and... him.

I'd just thrown my innocence away and for what? I was sure I was just another notch in his belt. Kyle clearly knew what he was doing. He was good enough at it!

Way, way too good.

I'd just been plucked by a master. I realized I'd completely lost my head. I couldn't blame it on a handful of beers either. I wasn't drunk. He'd even asked permission.

This was a matter of me being naive and him being an expert seducer.

The worst part was that I'd actually felt like he cared about me when he was on top of me... inside me. I groaned. He'd come inside me! How could I be so dumb?

Dumb dumb dumb!

I slipped my shoes on as I hustled down the hallway to the stairway. I looked back over my shoulder. It was all clear.

Thank God. He hadn't seen me. I could get away without a confrontation.

He'd said something about going again... I shivered. That would have been horrible. He would have touched me until I was quivering again. Then pushed himself inside me, kissing me while he took everything I had. Sweet, hot, delicious... and just compounding my mistake.

Yeah. Horrible. Like I said.

I ran down the stairs and pulled out my phone to check the time. If I caught the bus in the next ten minutes I could be home before Dad. He had his alumni planning dinner tonight, so I could do it.

Mom would be harder to sneak past, but easier to convince. She was kind and generous, not a hard ass like my dad.

But neither one of them would be pleased by the smell of beer on my breath. Never mind the fact that I'd definitely forgotten my panties in Kyle's dorm room. I had the sudden, horrible thought that people could tell I was going commando. I felt naked and exposed.

For the first time I understood what the 'walk of shame' meant.

I hit the pavement running, ignoring my embarrassment. It was a brisk evening, the air cooling my warm face. I now had nine minutes to make the bus. I turned the corner and could see the stop just outside campus.

Oh no!

I panicked as I stared at the bus stop in horror. The bus was already there. For once, the bus was actually early!

With a burst of superhuman strength born 100% from panic, I ran faster than I'd ever run before. If I'd been thinking clearly I would have been proud of myself. I had been on the track team in high school, before my boobs got too big to make it comfortable.

Running my butt off with no bra. Not to mention I was wearing these strappy platform shoes. Never again, Belinda!

I screeched to a halt, nearly passing the bus entirely. The doors began to close. In slow motion I practically threw myself towards them and-

Squeezed through.

I smiled at the driver and flashed my pass. I tried to act normal, as if I hadn't just slid through the doors in the nick of time. I must have looked crazy, judging from the odd look the driver gave me. But I didn't care. I'd made it.

I sank into a seat and contemplated the mess I'd made of everything.

Losing my virginity wasn't so bad.

I'd wanted experience and I'd gotten it. For a long time I'd felt like a freak, the only virgin I knew. It was well past time I fooled around with a boy. But I'd been careless, assuming he would take care of birth control.

Kyle had me so turned on that I hadn't thought about anything, let alone playing it safe. One look from those hard blue eyes and I'd melted. I thought back over the evening, cringing. I hadn't said no to one thing he'd asked from the moment I met him.

Sure, maybe I was getting back at my dad a little bit. I was starting to get tired of the rules. Some rules were fine. My dad just had too many.

But it was more than that. Kyle was seductively dangerous. To me anyway. Not to my body. He'd been gentle and caring. No, he was dangerous to my peace of mind.

I sunk down into the seat. I just hoped I didn't run into him again on campus. If I saw him, I would just walk the other way. He didn't have my number or anything. I couldn't repeat my stupid mistakes. And I knew it would be even harder to resist him the next time. The farther I stayed away, the better.

And if I did see him and couldn't avoid talking to him, well, he'd learn that I had a cold side.

Cold, hard and tough.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Who was I kidding? I was a softy. Stupid. Naive. That's how I'd ended up in this mess!

I hopped off the bus at my stop and ran the five blocks home, painfully aware of my pantiless state the whole way. I exhaled sharply with relief as I turned the corner. Dad's car wasn't in the driveway. Once again, I'd made it by the skin of my teeth.

I came in through the back and headed straight to the bathroom to shower. I wanted his smell off of me. His come. Then I could forget this mess, go back to my normal life as boring good girl. What had he called me? A goody two-shoes. That's right. That's all I wanted to be. Instead, I was sticky and getting stickier by the minute. Maybe I could just forget the whole thing. It would be easier without the physical evidence.

"Bellie? That you?"

"Yeah mom!"

"You didn't come home right away."

"Sorry, I ate on campus. I was working."

"Alright dear. Well, do come say goodnight after your shower."

"I will."

I exhaled and climbed under the pulsing jets. The hot water calmed me, making me feel clean again. I could still feel him though. The way his body had felt against me. His hands. His mouth...

Especially his mouth.

I stayed under the water much longer than usual. Finally, I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin. I pulled out my phone and texted the only person in the world who wouldn't judge me right now.


We'd met at an academic summer camp in junior high school. Two weeks of nerdy preteens on a college campus in the Northeast. She was the opposite of me: disorganized, funny, bohemian, maybe even a little bit zany.

Not like me, the 'other B.' My feet were firmly on the ground and had been since the day I was born. But for some reason, we'd become tighter than sisters. And we'd stayed that way ever since. I guess opposites really did attract.

It was too bad she lived on the other side of the country.

It was late here, and even later there. But I knew she'd be up. Betsy didn't believe in 'assigned sleep schedules.' She slept when she wanted, where she wanted and with whoever she wanted.

Usually that meant from dawn to around noon.

Bets I'm freaking out


I did it

You did what?


Wait- you did IT????


Who's the lucky guy?

I just met him

He must be impressive

He was

When are you seeing him again?

How about never? It was a mistake.

Good sex is never a mistake

This time it was

Did you come???

I blushed and typed 'yes.' Then I counted and typed 'three times.'

HELLO! That does not sound like a mistake! Is he intellectually stimulating? Soulful? Honest?

Actually I don't know

Doesn't matter. He could just be your plumber.


Every girl needs a good plumber. You know, the guy you call when you have to clean the pipes

I sent her a gif of a bunny falling over. A minute later my phone pinged. She had sent me a gif of bunnies humping.

I laughed and said goodnight. Talking to 'the other B' always made me feel better. Even under the circumstances.

That night I slept deeper than I had in a long time.

But I dreamt about him.

Chapter Four


I waited my turn to hit the bag. I was running drills with the team. I was damn lucky the coach had even let me on the field. It was a winning team and there were legions of guys who wanted to play for it.

But he had let me try out, and now I was making the most of it.

He'd told me he didn't have room. He'd told me the bar was high. He'd told me I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell. I'd been polite, but persistent.

And now I was determined to prove him wrong.

I had more than the usual fire in the belly, too. I was pissed off. I was angry. I was hungry.

Because of her.

The gorgeous redhead who had blown my mind last week had disappeared without a trace. Gone. Poof.

All I had left were her cute little cotton panties. I'd been sniffing them for days. I fucking slept with them.

I'd thought I'd had a girlfriend. She had just wanted a one-night stand. That was weird, considering she'd been a virgin. But apparently, that's all she wanted from me.

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

I had looked everywhere, even asking around. I asked at the pizza place. I'd even gone back to the rib joint. Nothing. Nada.

No one knew her.

But I wasn't giving up yet. I would track her down. And when I did, she was going to pay the piper.

My cock.

How many swimsuit model beautiful redheads could there be on campus anyway? I would find her. And when I did, there would be a reckoning of biblical proportions.

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