Go Long(2)

By: Joanna Blake

But it was his handsome face that had me forgetting what I was talking about. High cheekbones, a strong jaw and sensual lips. Light blue eyes that seemed to linger on my lips every time I glanced at him.

I was glancing a lot.

Then again, so was he.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?"

I forced myself to look away. He wasn't being too subtle was he? It was time to put my foot down. Make it clear that I wasn't interested.

Even if I kind of was.

"Me? No. I don't have time for that."

"That? You're a funny girl Belinda."

He laughed and the sound sent a strange thrill through my body. I felt hot and cold at the same time. Just from the way he was looking at me.

I shook my head mentally. I was here to study, not date. My father had been grinding that into me since junior high school.

Work now. Play later.

Well, play a little later.

He probably would be happy if I went into a nunnery. That's basically how I felt. I just 'prayed' at school and my nunnery was my parent's house.

Never mind that he'd met mom when they were in college. Nope. I wasn't allowed to date and since I still lived under his roof, I had to follow his rules.

I didn't mind though. Not usually. I was on the fast track to finish school in three years. Then straight into grad school. By then I'd have enough money saved to get my own place. Downtown in the art district maybe.

Then I could date whoever I wanted.

I could dress how I wanted. Eat and drink what I wanted. My parents wanted a say in almost everything I did. It was stifling, to say the least.

Oh yeah, I was definitely in a hurry to finish college.

I glanced at Kyle again.

Well, maybe I minded a little bit...

I showed him to his dorm, wondering how he'd swung a single. I pointed out the general lay of the land at rapid fire, including the best place to get pizza. Then I reached out my hand to shake goodbye.

I felt my knees buckle a little at the feel of his strong, calloused hand as it closed over mine. I'd felt it before when I first shook his hand. An electric current had passed between us. But now, I knew he wanted to go out with me.

He smiled at me, his gorgeous blue eyes crinkling.

"Would you like to get something to eat with me? Maybe a beer or two?"

"I'm sorry, I can't. I have work to do."

He tilted his head, looking at me with a challenging look in his eyes.

"Oh, so I was right. You are a goody two-shoes."

I sputtered in annoyance.

"I am not!"

He leaned forward, his eyes sliding over my body deliberately. I gasped and stood up straight, crossing my arms.

"Oh yes, you are."

"I'm not!"

He grinned disarmingly. He'd just been teasing me. I felt my insides flutter a little bit at the look on his face.

"Then prove it. Have a beer with me."

I was about to say no, with real regret, when I saw the dog tags hanging around his neck. I hadn't noticed them before. I'd been too busy admiring... everything else.

"You were military?"

He grinned.

"Marine. Most people consider it a lifelong thing."

I nodded, embarrassed. I knew that. My dad was a Marine. I was caught off guard. Impressed. My dad had instilled a serious respect for the men and women who served in me early on, and it had stuck. The stories he told about basic training, and everything that happened after... well, they made an impression, to say the least.

"Oh, that's why you seem... older. For a freshman I mean."

"Yes, I am older than a typical freshman. I've been busy fighting the bad guys."

I swallowed. He seemed so powerful suddenly. And I owed him my respect for what he'd done for our country. That's why I agreed to get a drink with him, I thought as I waited for him to drop his bags off upstairs.

That and being sick and tired of the rules. Enough was enough. Getting a drink with a handsome guy was what girls my age were supposed to do. We were supposed to get kissed in the rain. Get tipsy and dance with our girlfriends.

None of which I'd ever done.

It hadn't seemed to matter until now.

But it did matter. It mattered a lot. I heard a tiny little voice inside me speak up.

She was me, but wilder. Me, but angrier.

Me, but freer.

And she said three little words.

Go for it.

Chapter Two


I was trying not to stare at the beauty in front of me. It was hard to tear my hungry eyes off of her. And my gaze kept slipping lower... to her lips... her cleavage... wondering what she looked like naked. And when I was going find out for myself.

I groaned under my breath and adjusted my jock.

She sipped her beer daintily, looking around. I could tell she didn't go to bars much. Even though this was supposed to be the best rib joint in town.

"Everything okay, Princess?"

She gave me a look.

"Don't call me that."

"Okay sweetheart, what are you looking for?"

She bristled at the endearment but her good manners kept her from tell me to go to hell. I could tell she really wanted to though. I smiled. That was going to work to my advantage.

"I was just making sure my dad wasn't here. He loves this place."


I leaned back and grinned at her. I could not stop smiling. Just being around her was making me unaccountably happy. It must be those spectacular tits of hers.

"He wouldn't like it?"

She shook her head, sending red waves cascading everywhere. She was unconsciously feminine and sexy. It was all natural too, which made it much more effective.

I had the boner to prove it. Not just a regular boner either. A mega-boner.

At the moment, my dick could cut glass.

"He doesn't let me go out with people."

"You've never been out with anyone? Ever?"


I raised my eyebrows. She had no experience with men apparently. No one like me at least. I was sure she'd led the boys in high school on a merry chase. Oh, this was too fucking perfect. Little Miss Priss was pure as the driven snow.

Not for long.

"Really? In this day and age?"

She glared at me defensively. It was way too easy to get her riled up. And way too much fun to stop.

"Don't make fun of me. I'm not a freak you know."

I smiled at her, raising my hands.

"I'm not making fun of you. I'm just curious."

She shrugged and her camisole moved slightly, giving me a glimpse of that body of hers. I leaned forward, resting my chin on my cheek so I could get a closer look.

"He's old school. He means well, he's just..."

"Over protective?"

She nodded and again I watched her hair slide gracefully over her sun kissed shoulders. Jesus, the girl was perfect. No wonder her daddy was over protective. If I was him, I'd keep her under lock and key.

I grinned and took a swig of my beer.

"I would be too, if I had a daughter that looked like you."

She blushed and I thought I saw goosebumps. I kept hoping her nipples would get hard. Maybe I should ask them to turn up the air conditioning in here... or I could just lean closer. I'd tug out that little top of hers and blow on them. I smiled wider at the thought.

"So why did you come out with me tonight? If you're not supposed to date, I mean."

"Is this a date?"

I leaned back in my seat and nodded slowly.

She bit her lip and blushed. A hot surge of lust shot through me. I was in a bad way. If I stood up right now, I'd knock over the ketchup bottle with my dick.

Yeah, it was that long.

And wide.

In high school the guys on the team called me Thick. It caught on with the whole school until everyone was calling me that. Even the teachers. It even followed me to the service.

No one else ever knew why. Unless I showed them.

By the time I had graduated, I'd showed almost all the cheerleaders in two counties. Cheerleaders, man. They loved a quarterback.

And that's what I was. Just as much as I was a Marine. In my blood, in my bones, I was a QB.

I was more than just a high school athlete. I had what it took to go pro. Or at least play college ball. But my school wasn't the type to get scouted. It was small and dirt poor and in the middle of the mountains. My only chance was to try out as a walk-on. No scholarships. No special treatment. Just a guy, walking onto the field with nothing but his nuts. I could do it. I knew I was good.

And I had really big nuts.

I only prayed that I could prove it in tryouts.

Speaking of tryouts... I'd like to try her out before the night was over. I watched her take another sip of her beer and licked my lips.

"So, you grew up around here?"

She nodded earnestly. God, this girl was prime. Innocent and sweet and dear lord, she was put together right! I just hoped she was going to let me find out how right.

In an hour or two, if I had my way about it.

I smiled at her and signaled the waitress.

"Have another beer, it's early."

"I really shouldn't..."

"Come on, live a little. Or would daddy be mad?"

I used the tone you would use with a baby, just to get a rise out of her. I knew it was my best chance at getting her to stay. She bristled adorably.

"I'm not a baby!"

"Okay. So stay."

She looked uncertain for a moment and then she looked at me and nodded.

"Well, maybe just one more..."


I felt strangely calm as I let Kyle take me back to his dorm room. I wasn't stupid and I wasn't drunk. I was definitely feeling rebellious though. Curious too. Maybe a little tipsy from the couple of beers. And I knew that if I went up there, we were probably going to do it.


I had been kissed a few times. Rubbed up on. But that was at school dances and at camp. Never really alone, and not recently. So it hadn't gone any farther than that.

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