Gian (Trassato Crime Family Book 1)(6)

By: Lisa Cardiff

She pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I knew you’d help.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this,” I grumbled. “Now get out of here. I need to shower.”

She held up her hand. “One more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t hit on my friend. She doesn’t need another asshole in her life.”

“Got it. I’ll keep my hands and mouth far away from her.”

She narrowed her eyes. “And every other body part.”

“Have a little faith in me. I’m not that bad.”

“No, you’re worse, and we both know it.”



After crashing on Carmela’s couch for a week and submitting job applications everywhere and anywhere, I didn’t have a single viable job prospect. Well, I had one. Carmela’s twin brother had agreed to interview me for a position at his club tonight. My stomach churned at the thought of working for Gianluca Trassato. I hadn’t met him. I didn’t know much about him except the little gossip I overheard from some of my actor friends when I introduced them to Carmela. Basically, they said he was a man-whore with connections to the mafia.

Common sense told me to stay far away from him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other options except going home or running back to Kevin, neither of which I wanted to consider. Kevin had asked me to give him back the engagement ring, which I planned to pawn to fund my life. I hadn’t decided what I should do.

I climbed out of the taxi and stood on the street with my hands parked on the waistline of my skirt, watching the scene in front of me. Laughter floated through the air, and bits and pieces of conversations filtered into my ears. The line to the club snaked around the block.

Nightclubs weren’t my scene. I’d successfully avoided them since I moved to New York City a couple of years ago. Initially, I worked too much to do anything other than meet friends for dinner. After I met Kevin, we went to art galleries and charity fundraisers.

Though Carmela had told me my name would be on the bouncer’s VIP list, I fleetingly considered abandoning this whole adventure and going back to her apartment.

I can do this.

I need this.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and marched forward, weaving through the throngs of people to the front of the line. Holding my head high, I ignored every groan and unflattering comment aimed at me.

After giving the bouncer my name, I stepped through the open doors, pausing for a second to allow my eyes to adjust. The club was dimly lit with flashing lights. Music pounded from the speakers, vibrating my bones and muddling my thoughts. Writhing bodies moved on the dance floor, on the balcony, and in front of the bar. Thousands of teardrop-shaped crystals hung from the ceiling, reflecting the light and swaying with the music. It felt like I was underwater or in a cave.

I pushed, elbowed, and shoved my way to the bar, ignoring three inappropriate touches in the process. Scanning the shadows, I didn’t see Carmela anywhere. Just my luck, she was late.

“Excuse me!” I shouted, fighting to get the bartender’s attention. Technically, I shouldn’t order a drink. I was here for an interview, not a night of debauchery, but I needed something to settle my nerves. I made the mistake of answering a call from Kevin today, and he’d done his best to convince me to give him another shot. To my disgust, I briefly considered meeting him for dinner—then, I heard Ana’s voice in the background, and I lost my shit.

Waving my hand, I leaned forward, resting one elbow on the counter. “Hello?”

“Hey, beautiful. Let me help you out. What are you drinking tonight?” a deep voice rumbled next to my ear.

Eyes narrowed, I glanced to the side, ready to shoot down the offer. Then, I froze when my gaze landed on Michelangelo’s David in the flesh. Wavy dark hair neatly styled. A long, angular nose. Heavy-lidded, almond-shaped eyes. Sinful lips curled upward at the corners in a perpetual smirk. Expensive suit. Broad shoulders nearly twice the width of mine. Narrow waist. Thighs that…oh shit.

I lifted my head, meeting his topaz-colored eyes. The lopsided grin on his face told me my not so subtle perusal hadn’t escaped his attention. Jittering my ankle in circles, I licked my lips. His eyes locked on the motion like a predator zeroing in on his prey.

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