Draekon Destiny:Exiled to the Prison Planet(58)

By: Lili Zander & Lee Savino

“Fine day,” Lars remarked, using his sword to hack off a few daisy heads. I grunted my agreement, keeping our path in line with the scent while pretending I had no aim.

“You’re quiet,” my fair headed brother elbowed me.

“I dreamt again last night.”

“You’re always dreaming.”

“This was different,” I murmured. The closer we got to the grassy dip before the trees, the stronger it was, and the more my head cleared.

“The woman? You must go down to the village and find a woman.”

“I want no woman.”

Lars scoffed. “No, just a phantom creature. A fantasy of lonely nights. A good lay will exorcise this foolishness.” He glanced at me when I said nothing to defend myself, looking a little guilty. “How many times have you dreamed of her?”

“It is more than a dream.”

Lars snorted again and turned to tease me, but stilled, his mouth falling open. He’d caught the same scent.

“Do you—”

“Come,” I said, hastening my steps, now that I knew I was not imagining it.

And I saw her. A bare-armed maid. Pale, with white gold hair crackling about her face. She sat haloed by flattened field grass, stared up at me with wide eyes.

“What is here?” Lars strode forward, holding his weapon. I caught his arm before he could attack. The woman didn’t even glance at him. She was too busy staring at me.

I felt as if I opened my mouth, her name would appear on my lips. For we had never met, but I’d seen her a thousand times. The maid in the grass was the lady from my dreams.



“What is here?” the warrior barked. It took me a moment to decipher the words. The language cadence was unfamiliar, the words coarse and guttural. Before I could up and flee, a boot pinned my hip.

I tried to roll, and the warrior’s growl reverberated through me. I went still as a bird cowering in the grass before a predator.

“Who trespasses?” The fair one bent over me. His rough hands seized my arm, set me on my feet. I called my magic to me, grasping frantically. But where my power once resided, there was emptiness.

“A woman.” The bearded warrior’s dark eyes pierced through me. I shuddered as if stabbed.

Closing my eyes, I called again for my power and felt... nothing.

“No more than a maid,” blunt fingers pushed back my hair. I flinched from them. Goddess help me.

Then I felt it. Pulsing, pushing against me, a familiar stench. It was faint, but it came from the fortress. I’d recognize it anywhere. The Corpse King made his home here.

The fair-haired warrior hauled me close, and I bowed my head, letting my hair hang over my face again, hiding from the dark one’s gaze. “Come, little captive. The commander will want to question you.”

He pulled me forward, and before I stumbled, his companion caught my arm. Together they dragged me towards the great wall and the pulsing evil within. The closer we got, the more my head throbbed.

Goddess help me, I prayed again, and hung my head in the silence.

The spell had worked in its own, awful way. It had delivered me to the Corpse King. I’d woken at the foot of his fortress. His warriors had me in their possession.

But, whether by the spell or the mage’s defenses, I’d been stripped of my abilities. I was powerless.

Whatever the next day and night brought, I would face it without my magic.

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