Draekon Destiny:Exiled to the Prison Planet

By: Lili Zander & Lee Savino
Exiled to the Prison Planet


“You need to talk to us.” Xan stares at me, his eyes intense, his tone demanding.

No, I don’t.

“Tell us what you’re angry about, Felicity. Is it because we worked with Belfox and Herrix? Is it because we didn’t tell you about the ship? Because we yelled at you that morning? Tell us what’s wrong, and we will fix it.”

Even now, even when it’s too late, they aren’t telling me the truth. They’re still hiding it from me. Still trying to pretend it didn’t happen. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

Lud lifts his head. “You have to listen to us.”

“Or what?” I throw back at him. “Or you’ll make me? You’ll force me?”

He blanches, recoiling from me in shock. His expression turns hard. “I have never forced you,” he grinds out. “I have never asked you for anything. Except for that one time.”

My stomach churns.

I thought it’d be different here. I thought they were different. But they’re not.

My aunt and uncle used me for cheap labor; Lud and Xan used me to turn into dragons. All the dates, all the pretty things they said, it was all intended to seduce me for one purpose. They never said they loved me. They just brought me gifts and counted the days until I could give them what they wanted.

And once they got what they needed, they were going to leave. Forever.

I steel myself so they don’t know what the words cost me. They never cared about me. It was stupid of me to think they did. “There’s nothing you can say that will make this right.”

Our relationship is over.




Everybody, even us humans, has a role on the prison planet. Viola’s the unofficial leader of the nine of us. Harper’s the snarky, funny, and very pregnant one. Sofia, the resident doctor, is sweet and understanding. Ryanna’s handy and practical. Bryce is the adventurer.

I’m the catty bitch.

It’s been three weeks since we combined camps. The other exiles—I’ve been thinking of them as the New Draekons—live on top of a large mountain. They’re a strange mix of primitive and sophisticated. Their clothes are made from fur and a thin, silvery fabric that’s spun by the spider-like ahuma, but their houses have bathrooms, complete with bathtubs, running water and working toilets. After three months of squatting on the ground and bathing in the lake, I should be delighted.

They’ve also been really accommodating. It’s crowded here. Originally designed for fourteen Draekons, the camp first grew when Viola, Harper, Ryanna, and Sofia got there. Now, there are thirteen new additions, and everyone’s been working overtime, building houses, hunting and gathering food, and settling in.

We’re so busy that I’ve had very little time to face the truth. To admit to myself that things are probably over between Luddux, Xanthox, and I.

I’m sitting in the dining area by myself, cleaning a pile of fish that one of the Draekons, Rorix, had caught this morning. “Can you do it?” Olivia had asked me dubiously when I’d volunteered for the task. “I mean, we don’t want to waste any food. Maybe you should wait for Bryce.”

I’ve been working in my aunt’s seafood restaurant since I was nine, yet somehow, Bryce is the expert of the group. Whatever. “I can manage.”

Harper waddles over when I’m almost done, with a plate heaped with fries in her hands. I glance at it and then look away. It’s funny. I can clean fish alright, but the smell of deep-fried food takes me back to Maine, and not in a good way.

“Before you can lecture me about eating junk food,” she snaps defensively, “Save your breath. I already ate my daily quota of green vegetables.”

Sigh. Once—just once—I’d asked Harper if she was concerned about the baby getting enough nutrition. I wasn’t being the mommy police, just wondering if the plants on this world contained the necessary nutrients, but of course, Olivia had immediately taken it the wrong way, and jumped down my throat, telling me that Harper was worried enough about the baby without my unwanted commentary, thankyouverymuch.

I’d thought about explaining, but I hadn’t. Why bother? She’s got me pegged as the catty bitch. Not without reason. Olivia’s rubbed me the wrong way from the start. She looks exactly like Chloe, same red hair, same big boobs, same bossy know-it-all attitude, and because of that, I’ve said more than my fair share of mean and snarky things about her.

Most of the human women dislike me, and yeah, that’s my fault. I’ve made a lot of mistakes so far. I’m probably still making them.

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