Come Together(132)

By: Jessica Hawkins

He laughed and wrapped me in his big, warm arms. “I hate to leave you cold, honeybee, but it’s important. I promise I won’t be long.” He pulled my earlobe between his teeth. “Nightmares?” he whispered.

I smiled and shook my head. I hadn’t had a nightmare in over a year, but that didn’t stop him from asking now and then.

“K. Go back to sleep.”

I sighed and though he pulled the comforter up high around me, I shivered in his absence.

I woke up again when I heard the Porsche out front. I hopped out of bed and pushed open the window, wondering why he’d parked at the curb.

The memory of the night before stirred in me as I watched him round the car and squint up at me. I smiled at my weekend David in his t-shirt, jeans and aviators. “Get down here, beautiful,” he yelled.

Snatching his t-shirt from the floor, I ran down the stairs two at a time as I pulled it over my head. I burst through the front door, meaning to run and jump into his arms but stopped short. I gasped and my hand flew over my mouth. A little back and tan furball bounded toward me through the grass.

Tears pierced my eyes as I caught the puppy and hoisted him into the air. His tail wagged excitedly and he licked my face, causing me to squeal with delight.

“Oh, David,” I said as he approached. “Is he . . . ? Can we . . . ?”

“Anything that makes you smile like that, baby, yeah, we can keep him.”

“A German Shepherd puppy!” I cried.


“Like Canyon!” I cried again.

“Yes, like Canyon. I told George at the shelter months ago that if one ever came in, to call me immediately.”

I began jumping up and down, and David laughed heartily. “He’s perfect!” I kept crying. “Just perfect! Do you think we’re ready?”

“Yes. I’ve already arranged for him to stay with Jessa while we’re in Greece next month. Alex is thrilled.”

“I’m sure he is. What should we name him?”

David put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my head. “How about Prince Siegfried?”

I laughed. It was the name of the lead character from Swan Lake, the ballet where we’d first met eyes across the lobby of the theater.

“Well, hi, darling Prince,” I cooed, cuddling the puppy close. “Welcome to the Dylan family.”

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