Caught by Menace(6)

By: Lolita Lopez

cruel to their wives.

And huge. She’d never seen such big men. The

massive giants of the Harcos race stood seven feet tal on

average and weighed hundreds of pounds. They were

solidly built men, al lean muscle and brutal strength.

Most had pale hair and eyes, but she’d seen the

occasional dark-haired man among them.

The face of one of the men, the only one she’d ever

spoken to, flashed in her mind. His pale-green eyes and

white-blond hair left her shivering—but not with fear.

With need. With desire.

She stil didn’t understand it. Their chance meeting

nearly three months earlier had shaken her. Apparently

he’d been on a mission to find flowers. For a friend? For

a woman he loved? She didn’t know. Somehow he’d

ended up at Jennie’s flower stal in the open market. By

chance, Naya had stopped by and the giant Harcos

warrior hadn’t seen her approaching. He’d turned so

quickly he’d knocked her off balance and into the street,

where she’d almost been crushed by a roling cart.

To say they’d exchanged some furious words was an

To say they’d exchanged some furious words was an

understatement. The look on his face when she’d told

him to fuck off had been priceless. No doubt he’d never

had any woman speak to him in such a way. For the

briefest of moments, she’d been sure he was going to

snatch her right up, toss her across his lap and spank her

backside. Instead he’d tossed a handful of coins at

Jennie, grabbed his bouquet and stormed off in a huff.

Naya had laughed so hard at the sight of the massive

warrior flouncing off and clutching his bouquet of fragile

flowers to his chest.

He’d started plaguing her dreams that night. Of al the

men who crossed her path day after day, why did it have

to be him? He was everything she loathed and nothing

she wanted. Yet so many nights she’d bolted upright in

bed, ripped from the wildest dreams and hovering on the

verge of climax. It stunned her that a few moments with

an intimidating stranger could have such an astounding

effect on her. In real life, she rarely came close to having

an orgasm.

But she couldn’t think about that now. She had to

focus. She couldn’t risk overlooking even the simplest

step in the plan.

Finaly reaching her shop, Naya took the aley stairs

Finaly reaching her shop, Naya took the aley stairs

up to the second-floor apartment she shared with Jennie.

She let herself inside the smal place and found Jennie

sitting on their lumpy couch. Hugging her knees, she

glanced up, her eyes red from crying. “Wel?”

Naya locked the door and smiled. “It’s done, Jennie.

We’re getting out of here.”

Chapter Two

Menace stepped off the elevator into the med bay of

the Valiant. He checked his watch again to make sure

he stil had time. The last week he’d been swamped with

weapons shipments and inventory. Twice he had

rescheduled his medical clearance for today’s Grab.

Even now, he was cutting it close. Only his rank and his

reputation as a man who shouldn’t be crossed were

going to save him from being struck off the list.

He caught sight of Vicious, his close friend and the

Valiant’s highest-ranking land corps officer, leaving a

private exam room with his wife Halie at his side.

Vicious held her hand and tenderly swept his fingertips

down her cheek. Not wanting to intrude on a private

moment, Menace dropped his gaze. He had a feeling

their visit to the med bay had to do with her inability to

conceive but Menace didn’t dare ask. He and Vicious

had been friends since childhood but there were some

things that even friends didn’t discuss. This was one of


“Menace,” Vicious caled to him as he walked Halie

“Menace,” Vicious caled to him as he walked Halie

to the elevator. He smiled knowingly. “Sneaking in at the

last moment for your med check?”

“Of course.” Menace nodded in Halie’s direction.


She grinned up at him, her smile warm and friendly. “I

hear you’re running today. Good luck, Menace.”

Vicious chuckled. “If the women running today are

anything like Halie, you’re going to need it.”

She smacked her husband’s chest. “Be nice.”

He feigned injury and rubbed the spot his wife had

whacked. “Yes, Kitten.”

Menace stil couldn’t believe how gentle and sweet

Vicious was with her. Vicious was one of the most

feared of their kind, a true warrior who had proven

himself in some of the worst battles of the war and their

constant skirmishes with alien life forms. Somehow Halie

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