Captured Again (A Let Me Go series Book 2)

By: L.L. Akers

“How much do I have to blow, officer?” she asked, flipping her long, chocolate-colored hair over her shoulder and putting her hands on her hips. She looked up at the sexy cop.

“I’d say about five grand by the time you’re through,” the tall officer mumbled under his breath as he put the equipment back in its bag.

“Excuse me? I didn’t hear you. Did I pass?” Emma stubbornly asked.

He sighed, making it obvious he didn’t want to tangle with her anymore. Emma chewed on her lower lip. She wasn’t too drunk. She could see his patience wearing thin. She had, after all, demanded a do-over on every field sobriety test, whereas he’d tolerantly told her she’d failed again and again, until she’d been stupid enough to demand the Breathalyzer.

The cop had been broody and mysterious through this whole thing, but strangely accommodating. She was still hoping she’d beaten him down enough he would just drop the whole thing with a warning, and they could both go home to bed. She really didn’t feel very drunk and he could see from checking her license she was only two miles from her apartment. It was just her luck getting pulled over on the one night a year she usually allowed herself a drink—or few.

“No, ma’am, you did not pass. You blew just over the legal limit,” he said. The officer tilted down his chin, finally meeting Emma’s eyes again, and frowned.

Emma crossed her arms, gripping her elbows as she stared up at the officer. She could feel her pulse picking up, speeding with her pounding heartbeat. Oh shit, he’s actually gonna take me in, Emma thought. This is for real. Maybe I’ll flirt. No, I am not flirting... I refuse to freakin’ flirt. Shit, shit, shit!

She felt her temper flare and her mouth run before her brain thought it through. “Dammit! Let me blow again! Or... or can’t you just let me go? Just this once! I don’t even drink—usually—I mean, I don’t anymore... It was just this one night!”

The officer pulled in a long breath, then slowly released it. “You’re also under the legal drinking age. I’m sorry,” he said while rubbing his hand through his hair.

Emma brought her arms in tighter, crossed against her chest now. She drew in a deep, calming breath and looked away from him, speaking quieter. “I promise I’ll drive straight home... You can follow me. Just give me a break this one time,” she finally begged.

The officer sighed heavily and fumbled with his equipment. He walked back to his cruiser and tossed it in and then turned to look at Emma, his jaw fixed and his hand hovering over his gun belt. She knew then he was taking her in; she just hoped he wasn’t reaching for the cuffs. This is so freakin’ humiliating.

He slowly walked back and looked down at her sternly.

“I am going to give you a break, miss. I’m going to walk over to the side of your car and hide your keys in that McDonald’s cup you see over there, in the ditch. And I’m going to give you one minute to pull out your phone to call someone to come get your car. That will save you the towing expense and a heap of trouble. When you finish the call, put your purse and any valuables in the trunk and don’t forget to hit the lock button.”

“But... wait!”

“Lock it up tight, or take your purse with you... your decision,” the officer called over his shoulder as he walked away with Emma’s keys.

Emma stomped her foot.

The officer marched toward the ditch while her brain scrambled through her options. Pulling out her phone, she chewed on her bottom lip while thinking about who would be the best person to help her out of this mess. It would have to be one of her older sisters—the twins—because she didn’t have anyone else that would, or could, come get her after making such an epic, stupid mistake as this.

Gabby would normally give her the most amount of hell but could probably break through any red tape faster than anyone. At least the old Gabby would—she’d always been the fixer, trying to fix everything for everybody, and the livelier of the two. Olivia was the calm twin—she tended to be passive. She knew there was no chance of Olivia arguing any charges. If there were any possibility at all of getting the charges dropped or of keeping her out of jail tonight, she’d have to just take her tongue-lashing from Gabby and hope for the best. But she could get Olivia to pick up the car and be the one to tell Gabby... Let her poke the bear.

Emma peeked over her shoulder to see the officer now standing at the trunk of her car, arms crossed, alternating between watching her closely and looking down to kick at the loose pebbles of asphalt around his feet. She knew he was acting out of normal procedure; she could see that from his nervousness. At least she got lucky being pulled over by a young cop—not to mention a hot one—but she needed to hurry, before her luck ran out. She quickly called Olivia.

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