Breaking Hollywood(9)

By: Samantha Towle

“Ha! That wasn’t even close to payback, Hoppy.”

She scowls up at me, and I want to kiss it off her face.

“Gabriel! Oh my word! What have you done?”

We’re interrupted by Agnes, one of the nurses who works here with Tate. Out from behind the reception desk, she comes barreling toward me.

I love Agnes. She’s my favorite. She always showers me with affection and feeds me cookies when I’m here. And it’s not just because of who I am or because she wants on my cock. It’s because she genuinely likes me. And, also, she’s been married to the same guy for forty years, and her kids are older than me.

“She ran over me with her car and broke my foot.” I thumb in Speedy’s direction.

I hear her gasp, and I grin.

God, I’m a dick. And I love it.

“Why on earth did you do that?” Agnes frowns at Speedy.

“I-I…it wasn’t on purpose,” Speedy splutters to Agnes. “It was an accident.”

“I don’t know, Agnes. I think she did it on purpose,” I stage-whisper.

I glance at Speedy, and her face is all pinched and angry. She looks like she wants to murder me in my sleep.

Sexy as fuck.

“Never! No one would hurt you on purpose. You’re adorable.” Agnes takes my face in her hands and smushes my cheeks like I’m a little kid.

And I fucking love it. I’m an attention whore. What can I say?

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I give a dramatic sigh. “She must just be a really bad driver. Apparently, she didn’t see me, but it’s not like you could miss me. Right?”

I can feel the rage emanating from Speedy. It’s taking everything in me not to laugh.

“Of course! You’re unmissable, sweetheart. She must be a really bad driver.” Agnes cuts another dirty look to Speedy.

Then, she extracts me from Speedy, and I go willingly.

Agnes is built a lot sturdier than Speedy. I felt bad about putting my weight on Speedy, so I was bearing the brunt of it, even while my foot was in agony, but I don’t feel too bad about leaning on Agnes because I know she can take it.

“Let’s get you in a chair.”

Agnes moves me over to a waiting wheelchair, and I sigh with relief the moment my ass hits the seat.

“Better?” she asks.


“Right, I’ll just page your brother. I’ll be back in a moment. You want me to bring you some cookies?”

“What do we have today?”

“Your favorite. Triple chocolate and salted caramel.”

“Agnes, you are a modern miracle.”

“And you’re a charmer.” She chuckles before heading back to the reception desk.

Speedy is still standing in the same spot as before, looking a lot uncomfortable and a little lost.

I get a pang in my chest. “You okay over there?”

Her eyes turn to me. She still looks like she wants to kill me. “You’re asking if I’m okay?”

“Yes,” I answer carefully.

She stalks over to me, stopping in front of me. “You just made me look like a really bad person in front of that nice lady, so, no, assface, I’m not okay!” she hisses.

“I was just playing. Agnes is cool. She doesn’t think you’re a bad person.”

Her arms fold over her chest, pushing her tits up. I can’t help but look at them. But then I force my eyes back up to her face.

She still doesn’t look happy.

“Come on, Speedy. I was just yanking your chain.”

“It’s fine to yank my chain when it’s just between you and me. I don’t appreciate being made to look bad in front of someone else.”

“Okay, point taken. Won’t happen again. But it was the truth. You did run over me with your car.”

“Not on purpose!” She stamps her foot, little hands clenched in fists at her sides.

“Okay, okay. Simmer down there, tiger. We’re on a kids ward, remember?”

She glances around, taking in her surroundings.

Agnes reappears with a plate piled with cookies and hands them to me.

“Thank you.” I give her my best smile. I pick up a cookie and moan around it.

“Good?” Agnes asks.

“Amazing,” I say.

And she beams.

“You want one?” I offer the plate to Speedy.

She reaches over and takes one. “Thanks.”

I watch as she takes a bite and chews. Then, she moans, her eyes closing.

And my dick starts to get hard, and Agnes is standing right there.

Down, boy.

“Tate said to put you in his office, and he’ll be with you soon.”

“Thanks, Agnes.”

She wheels me toward Tate’s office. Speedy follows, still eating the cookie and still moaning.

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