Breaking Hollywood(10)

By: Samantha Towle

It’s like torture.

“This cookie is amazing,” she says to Agnes. “Just so good.”

“Thank you, honey.”

Not that Agnes hasn’t heard the praise before. She’s famous in this hospital for her cookies.

If my brother ever stopped working here, I’d still come just for Agnes’s cookies.

Whenever I need to be away to work on a movie, Agnes always packs me up a box of cookies to take with me.

“Right, I’ll leave you here.” Agnes parks me in Tate’s office. “Got rounds to make. You want me to get you some painkillers before I go?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks, Agnes.”

She closes the door, and then it’s just Speedy and me. Alone. In a doctor’s office.

If I weren’t in so much pain right now, I’d ask her if she wanted to play doctor and nurse.

Speedy sits in a chair, opposite me, and crosses her legs.

She has great legs. Tanned and toned. They’d look fucking amazing, stretched up, with my hands on them while I pumped in and out of her.

I put the plate of cookies on Tate’s desk, and then I stretch my own leg out, trying to move my injured foot.

I hiss at the pain. Fuck, that hurts.

“You should take something for the pain,” Speedy says.

“I did.”

“Alcohol does not constitute as a painkiller.”

“It’s nature’s very own painkiller.”

“Yeah, whiskey brewed in a factory is nature’s way of easing pain.” She rolls her eyes.

“How do you know it was whiskey I drank? It could’ve been water.”

“Was it?”


She laughs.

I get a sharp pain in my foot. My brows pinch together.

I get my flask from my pocket and take another drink of whiskey.

“Just take some pain medication if it hurts that much.”


“God, you’re stubborn.”

“God, you’re annoying.”

And I’m five years old again. Why exactly do I act like a child around this chick? I’m three seconds away from pulling her hair and pushing her to the floor.

But, even still, I like arguing with her. It’s fun. And kind of hot.



“Will you argue with me? It’s what’s been distracting me from the pain this whole time.”

“So, you’d rather argue with me than take pain pills?”



“Because I’m odd.”

“I already figured that. I’ll make you a deal. You tell me why you won’t take pain pills, and I’ll argue with you to your heart’s content.”

No way am I telling her that. I don’t tell anyone anything about myself because, if I did, I’d be reading about it on Radar Online an hour later.

“Forget it.” I pull my ball cap off, toss it on Tate’s desk, and run my fingers through my hair. Then, I shut my eyes, tip my head back, and breathe through the pain.

“Your last movie was shit by the way.”

A grin spreads across my face.

I open my eyes and look at her. “As shit as your driving?”

She holds back a smile. “My driving could never be as shit as your acting.”

“So, you’re saying that all my movies are bad. Yet you’ve watched them all.”

“I never said I watched them all. I said, your last one was bad.”

“You’ve so watched them all. I bet you have them all on DVD and watch them every day. Especially Bonjour. I bet you know that one scene by heart—when I’m buck naked and fucking Annette Channing on the Pont de l’Archevêché.”

“I do not!”

Her cheeks are as red as the blood currently pumping through my veins and down to my cock. And I know she’s watched that scene multiple times. Probably gotten off to it.

I lean forward. “You want to know something about that scene?” I leave the words teasing, tantalizing.

And, like a fly to my web, she leans in closer, moving forward in her seat. I don’t even think she’s aware she’s doing it.

Her eyes are focused fully on me.

As mine are on her.

The scent of her perfume fills my nostrils. She smells like summertime and apples. And I want to take a big bite out of her.

“You know how the press reported that it was real? That I really screwed Annette in that scene?”

She moves even closer, ass on the edge of her seat, hanging on my every word.

“I didn’t,” I whisper. Then, I grin big.


Speedy’s eyes narrow. “Jerk.”


“I am not a perv!”

“You so are.” I laugh, sitting back. “You were practically salivating at the thought of knowing that it was real. Just admit it. There’s no shame in being a pervert, Speedy.”

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