Breaking Down(The Garage Series Book 2)(4)

By: Holly Renee

It had been four months since I laid eyes on him. Four fucking horrible months. Just thinking about him had the hole inside my chest feeling like it was getting bigger.

After our incredible night together, he slipped out of my bed as easily as he had slipped into my life. Losing him had wrecked me, but the havoc had begun the moment he walked into it. Nothing was the same from the moment I first laid my eyes on him that first night at the bar. Everything felt right and turned on its head all at the same time.

The night that we had shared together felt like we had finally crossed a line that I had been pushing to cross for so long. I woke up wrapped in his scent, and it was the happiest I could ever remember being.

When I opened my eyes, all thoughts of happiness left me as I took in the room around me. I felt like I was in a different world than the one I fell asleep in. It was like he had never been there. All signs of Gabe were gone from my apartment. If I didn’t feel the ache between my thighs, I would have wondered if I had dreamed him being there at all.

I could still smell him against my skin but every other trace of him had disappeared. I sat up on the couch and looked around. Surely he had left a note or something. He couldn’t have done that to me. He wouldn’t. I pulled the throw blanket around my body and walked around the room. I felt like I was in a trance. I couldn’t believe that he had snuck out of my house without a backwards glance. I didn’t want to believe it.

I spun around the room and tried to make sense of what was happening. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that he just left me. He left me without any explanation and no worry about how I would feel. He left me just as easily as I should have expected but dared to dream he wouldn’t.

I sat back down on the couch as confusion and sadness took over my body. I hadn’t allowed myself to cry over Gabe until that moment, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t do it again.

After that morning, everything was different. It was as if Gabe and I never even had a friendship, never been anything more. He became a stranger, although, I guess he never had really been anything more than a stranger before if I really thought about it.

Every time we saw each other, it was awkward. We never talked about what happened, and he avoided me like the plague. It hurt. It killed me every time I saw him. Was he okay? Was he seeing someone else?

I hated to think about him being with someone else and not just sexually. I hated to think about him sitting on someone else’s couch watching movies. It gutted me to think about him laughing until his dimples showed through with someone else. That was what I missed the most. No one could make me laugh like Gabe. I didn’t even realize how much happiness he brought me until he was gone.

The last time I saw him was at Kat’s surprise birthday party. We didn’t speak a word to each other at that party. Every step I took; he took the opposite. I tried to avoid ever looking at him, but when our eyes did meet I tried to hide the pain that I knew everyone else could see. They all looked at me with pity in their eyes, and I hated it.

As soon as his eyes met mine, he grimaced as if what he saw in my face caused him regret. I looked away quickly. It was fine if he didn’t want anything more from me. I could handle that, but I couldn’t stand the thought that he regretted it. That he regretted me.

I never realized that would be the last time I saw him. He disappeared the next day, and I had no clue where he went. Not that I expected him to tell me, but I never expected him to leave. I broke down after I realized he was gone and begged Blake to tell me where he went. Of course, he refused. He told me to give him time. All he would say was the usual. Gabe had a history that Blake refused to tell me anything about and that he needed to work it out.

I was furious. I was mad at Blake for not telling me what I wanted to know. I was angry with Gabe for leaving and not giving me an explanation, but I was mostly upset with myself. I should had gone to him and demanded that he tell me why he ran away that morning. I had every right to know, but the fear of his rejection overpowered everything else. He had rejected me in every way possible, but he had yet to say it to me. I didn’t think I would survive hearing the words come out of his mouth.

The months since Gabe left had dragged on and on. In the beginning, I avoided hanging out with Kat and the guys, but Kat refused to let me sulk. She dragged me out of my apartment every chance she got even if I went kicking and screaming.

I knew that getting out of my house was the best thing for me, but being around the guys only reminded me of Gabe and I needed no reminders. He took up all my thoughts just as he had since the beginning. Him leaving and rejecting me only seemed to make it worse. I was worried about him. I wanted to know that he was safe and that he was okay, but I wouldn’t dare call him.

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