Bound by the Don(84)

By: Brook Wilder

“Oh my god! Is that a bullet?” Rachael’s voice wavered on the question, all the worst possible scenarios running through her head.

“It wasn’t fired, Rachael.” Jackrabbit assured her, but his voice sounded anything but confident.

“Then what? Why is it such a big deal?”

“There’s only one man I know who has bullets like this. He makes them himself.” Jackrabbit started, speaking slow and monotone, his gaze glued to the small metal bullet sitting in the palm of his hand.

Rachael waited until she couldn’t take it anymore, “Who? Who is it, Johnny?”

Hatchet and Jackrabbit shared a long look before they both answered together.


“No!” The word burst from Rachael’s mouth, a denial of the evidence, “No, you said the M60’s were taken care of. You said they were gone for good.”

Jackrabbit shook his head sadly, “I was wrong.” His eyes narrowed, filling with anger, “But I swear to you, Rae, I’ll kill that bastard with my own hands if I have to. I will get your sister back.”

“Hannah, she…she’s not like me. She’s not strong. She doesn’t take risks. She doesn’t do anything without making a pros and cons list first.” Rachael said, biting back a sob, “They’ll destroy her. They’ll…Promise me, Johnny. Promise me you’ll save her. Whatever you have to do.”

“I promise.”

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