Bound by the Don(7)

By: Brook Wilder

The five other assholes in the room nodded their heads, all looking at their intruders wearily. With three guns trained on them and a trigger happy mafia boss, they weren’t reaching for their own weapons.

Nor were they giving up any of the information that he needed. Leveling his gun at the sweating man before him, he narrowed his gaze.

“Ten seconds.”

“I-I swear it!” he shouted, holding up his hands. “I don’t know about any chick! I had nothing to do with it!”

Vittorio let out a slow breath as he pulled the trigger, the bullet catching the man right between the eyes and spraying his brains on the wall behind him. He didn’t feel anything as the man’s body slumped against the chair, no joy in the kill, no thrill in his veins. All he wanted was Sharon, in his arms.

“Who else isn’t going to answer my damn questions?”

All at once the room started to talk, full of frightened blubbering voices that were attempting to save their lives. They didn’t know anything about any chick belonging to the Contarini family nor had they snatched any girls recently. It seemed that Rocco was more tied up with the destruction of Vittorio’s businesses than he was having his sex trade business flourish.

Vittorio half listened to the mess before turning his back.

“Burn the damn thing down.”

The cries that followed fell on deaf ears as Vittorio exited the club and climbed back into the car, placing the gun once again in his lap. He didn’t like this, but it was what had to be done. Rocco had made this personal, very personal, and Vittorio’s reaction was what he should have done all those years ago when they’d killed Lara. He hadn’t reacted this viciously then.

Well, no more. He wasn’t going to stand by idly and watch as Rocco took someone else. He was going to end this fight between them even if it killed him. This feud between them was going to stop now. Sharon wasn’t the only reason he was doing this, he was cementing himself on top of this fucking city and crushing everyone under him.

“What next sir?” one of his men asked, as they joined him in the car, shutting the door behind him.

The smell of gasoline had followed him in, but Vittorio didn’t so much as bat an eye, as if he had shut himself against what he had just done.

That was the way Vittorio wanted to run his business, his life.

Vittorio straightened his shoulders, his gaze hard behind his sunglasses.

“We go to the next mother fucking club and burn it down, and the next, and the next, until we find her.”

“Yes sir,” his associate said, tapping on the window them and the driver.

The car pulled away from the curb and Vittorio didn’t even bother to look back as the building went up in flames.

If this didn’t send a message to that old bastard, he didn’t know what would.

Chapter 4


Vittorio grabbed the man by the hair and dragged him across the room, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

Teddy was his name and he was one of the men in Anafesto’s upper ranks, a man with power.

Teddy barely made a sound as Vittorio dropped him near the door, crouching down in front of his bloodied face. They had found him walking down the street, grabbing him and stuffing him into the vehicle before he had time to react. Vittorio and two of his men had taken him to the warehouse near the water, and systematically beat the shit out of him for a solid hour for information.

There was none to give, as Teddy had expressed over and over again when he could speak. Now the man gazed at Vittorio through a slitted eye.

“If Rocco took your girl, it would serve you right, you bastard.”

“I’m no more of a bastard than he is,” Vittorio replied. “I will only ask you one more time, Teddy, before I let my men take over. You know what that means.”

The big man didn’t even flinch.

“I knew I was dead the moment you stuffed me in that car, Contarini. I’m not scared to die.”

One of Vittorio’s men kicked him in the leg.

“That’s ‘sir’, coming from trash like you.”

Vittorio held up his hand, stilling the beating.

“It takes a man to admit he’s gonna die. Let him talk. He knows it will be all he ever says once I step out of this place.”

Teddy spat next to him, blood dribbling from his mouth. By the looks of it, Teddy wouldn’t have long to live anyways. The beating had turned his insides to mush. It would be a blessing when they put a bullet in his brain.

“You want the truth?” he continued, every word more difficult to pronounce.

Vittorio nodded, keeping his expression neutral. It had been two days since Sharon had gone missing, two days of him tearing this fucking city apart to find her. There had been no trace and Vittorio was tired of killing people, tired of burning down Rocco’s establishments just to come up empty. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t concentrate on anything except seeing her again.

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