Bound by the Don(6)

By: Brook Wilder

“I don’t fucking want to calm down! I want his fucking head on a platter!”

He would not rest until he was the one to put the bullet between Rocco’s eyes.

Marcello was smart enough not to say anything for a few minutes. He watched Vittorio watching the liquid run down the wall and puddle on the marble floor.

“What do you wanna do?” he finally asked, his quiet voice shattering the silence.

Vittorio drew in a breath, some of his rage dissipating.

“I want to fucking find Sharon. That’s all I want to do.”

“And you believe Rocco took her still?”

Vittorio looked at his best friend.

“Who else would take her? He has a beef with me and mine. Fuck man, I would do the same thing if I wanted to get under his skin.”

Marcello’s mouth curved in a smile.

“Kinda like that night you took his girl?”

Despite his state, Vittorio grinned. That had been a fucking good night. Rocco’s face had turned beet red when Vittorio had intercepted his new girl at a party and talked her into going into the bathroom with him. The sneer on his face when they had exited had been enough to make Vittorio smile all night.

Sobering up, he shook his head.

“That was different.”

“Why? Because you love this chick?”

Vittorio shot Marcello a look. He couldn’t explain it to him, could explain it to no one. The feelings he had for that vicious blonde who had taken his life and turned it upside down was not something he could even put into words.

“She’s good for me.”

Marcello nodded slowly.

“If you say so. Right now, she’s gonna give you a fucking aneurysm.”

Vittorio cracked his knuckles before reaching for his phone, all business now.

“Let’s fucking start this war and see which man comes out on top.”

Marcello sighed loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I was afraid you were gonna say that.”

Chapter 3


His plan was set in action.

Vittorio jiggled his knee as the dark sedan weaved through traffic, the gun balanced in his lap. He was on edge, unable to keep still. Every second that they looked for Sharon was another second that he worried about her safety, that he feared the worst.

In all his life, the very life he had led, he had never been scared... until now. Now, he was fucking terrified for her. What she must be going through, what he knew Rocco was capable of. Hell, while he liked to separate himself from the Anafesto clan, there wasn’t much difference between the two. Both were bloodthirsty, both had histories of violence with no recourse for what they did.

But he was not Rocco. He did not prey on young women, nor did he snatch them from the streets. Sharon had given herself freely to Vittorio, she not been taken by brutal force. He had been rough in the beginning, but more because she had unnerved him, made him feel things that he thought he wouldn’t feel again.

She had changed him and, once he found her again, he would do whatever she said, whatever she wanted. Everyone could laugh at him, call him weak, but all he needed was that woman at his side, knowing that she was safe.

He would never let her out of his sight again.

The car pulled up to the club and the man next to him got out, scanning the area before he would let Vittorio do the same. The sun blinded him even with his sunglasses on as he stepped out of the car, looking at the very place that he had first laid eyes on Sharon.

“Let’s go.”

In the middle of the day, the shithole club looked dismal, dirty. Vittorio walked in flanked by two of his men, hearing the squeak of the bartender as they filled the room.

“Get the fuck out,” he growled at the woman, pushing past the bar to the back, where he knew Rocco’s men would be.

He had no beef with her. His targets were in the back.

The man in front of him kicked down the door and Vittorio strode in, pointing his gun at the first mother fucker he found. The man was still holding the spread of cards that he had been playing.

“Where is she?”

The man’s eyes were wide with surprise and fear. The cards fell out of his hands and onto the table before him. The rest of the table backed away, their eyes wary as they watched their partner being grilled by Vittorio.

“W-who?” the goon asked, biting his lip nervously as he eyed the mob boss.

Vittorio pulled the trigger. The bullet grazed the man’s ear before slamming into the wall behind him.

“I will only ask one more time. Where the fuck is she?”

“I-I don’t know about any chick!” the man cried, his hand cupping his bleeding ear. “W-we haven’t gone out and got any girls yet, but I can get you whatever you want, man.”

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