Bound by the Don(2)

By: Brook Wilder

Monster or not, she really had fallen for him.

Sharon broke the kiss and pulled away from Vittorio. “Shall we?” she asked, sauntering into the bedroom with Vittorio close behind her.

“Indeed, we shall!” he teased, lifting his baggy sweatshirt over her head.

Sharon hadn’t had a chance to change since they’d arrived at the house, so she dropped her day-old panties with her chinos and wriggled out of the flowy baby doll. She stood before Vittorio, completely bare. His eyes tracked up and down her body, his hungry gaze tracing every one of her curves.

“Jesus,” he said, appreciatively.

Sharon placed her hand back on his chest and gently pushed him until the backs of his legs bumped the bed. “Sit down,” she instructed him.

“Oh really?” he asked incredulously. He may have been surprised by her sudden take charge attitude, but he did what he was told.

Sharon climbed on top of him, straddling his lap. She could already feel the bulge between his legs growing as she placed a delicate hand on either side of his face and brought him in for a fiery kiss. She pushed her nimble little tongue into his mouth and teased his. Vittorio kissed her back, seeming pleased.

Good, Sharon thought. She felt almost completely in control. She had never felt so powerful or free. Not only was Sharon going to take him for a change, but once she was finished she would be a free woman.

She rocked her hips against him as she kissed him, his grateful hands guiding her back and forth against his lap. She tangled her hands in his black hair. It was softer than she expected. She gently pulled his head back, exposing his long, stubble-covered neck. Sharon trailed a line of kisses down his throat, stopping just above his collarbone to sink her teeth into him.

Vittorio groaned his approval, one hand wandering up to squeeze and caress the soft round globe of Sharon’s ass. Sharon kissed her way back up his neck and nibbled on his earlobe.

“I should give you space more often,” Vittorio joked.

If you only knew how much space I’m about to take from you, Sharon thought. She smiled despite herself.

She took two handfuls of his soft cotton t-shirt and pulled it over Vittoriohis head. She pressed her bare breasts against the warm skin of his chest and raked her nails down his back while she kissed him again. Vittorio wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her in tighter as he lay back on the bed. Sharon was fully on top of him now and she could feel his arousal pressing into her inner thigh. She reached between her legs to undo his pants and free him.

Once freed, his erection reached up towards her, practically begging her to sit on it. Sharon positioned him and slowly lowered herself down onto him.

Vittorio hummed happy sounds as she slowly took every inch of him while he just lay back. Sharon couldn’t help a pleasant little yelp as he filled her. The sensation was overwhelming whether she was planning to leave him or not. She tensed her thighs and started moving up and down his shaft, slowly at first, then picking up speed.

“God, you feel so good,” Sharon said breathily.

“You too, baby, you too,” Vittorio moaned happily. He put both hands on her ass and leaned his head back. He helped guide her up and down his impressive length.

Sharon winced at the affectionate pet name, but she couldn’t let him throw her. She started riding him harder, relishing the incredible sensation of fullness. Her pleasure juices ran down his rock-hard shaft. With every trip up and down his cock, she felt herself getting closer to that magical moment. Her ass smacked against his thighs as she rode. She began moaning more and louder.

“You gonna make yourself cum, my love?” Vittorio asked. He opened his eyes and smiled adoringly up at her.

“You know it, honey,” Sharon whispered back breathily. The sweet word felt all wrong even as she said it. Once she walked out the door, she knew Vittorio couldn’t be her “honey” anymore.

Don’t get distracted, Sharon reminded herself. She turned her attention back to fucking and the wave of ecstasy began to crest as she rode Vittorio.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum,” she muttered.

Vittorio released her ass and threaded his fingers through Sharon’s. He held her hands as her body spasmed in pleasure, an intimate gesture that made the overwhelming sensation all the more intense.

“Oh… Oh my god!” Sharon hollered as she came. “I love you Vittorio!”

The words just slipped out, but Sharon realized she meant them.

“I love you too,” Vittorio told her, squeezing her hands. “Mind if I finish us off?”

With that, he started pumping his hips up into Sharon, much deeper than she could seem to get on her own. His rock-hard head bumped against her cervix and sent more little twitches of pleasure up into Sharon’s core. She could feel his cock begin to throb within her and she sat down on him hard as he burst, filling her with his cum amidst a chorus of delighted groans.

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