Bound by the Don

By: Brook Wilder
Previously – on Chained by the Don


She sank to the floor, officially defeated. The men continued to argue and converse with Vittorio. The conversation fluctuated in volume, but Sharon couldn’t even hear it over the sound of her heart breaking. She felt profoundly foolish to have fallen for Vittorio’s nice-guy act. He bought me at a sex slave auction, for God’s sake, Sharon realized. He’d told her he was there to watch out for girls he knew that were missing, but she was starting to think he could have lied about that too. He was probably in the market for a slave and sniffed her innocence out, figured she’d make a good submissive.

I’m so stupid, Sharon thought, shaking her head and pushing the base of her palms against her eyes. I really believed he loved me, too.

Sharon got to her feet and walked on wobbly legs back to the room she’d slept in. She crashed face first into the unmade bed, pressing her head into the pillows to relieve the migraine-like pressure in her head. Her mind whirled.

How am I going to get out of here? she wondered.

The only shoes she had were her boating shoes and she doubted they were comfortable or sturdy enough to get her far if she tried to run on foot. Not like it mattered. She had no idea where she was, and Vittorio had cars and who knew what else. He’d have her back in his captivity in no time, probably ready to inflict plenty of punishment on her for trying.

What Sharon needed was access to one of Vittorio’s cars, but she had no idea how she would pull that off. She was positive he had to be keeping his keys somewhere private. It wasn’t like he was going to leave her ample opportunity to leave. Especially not after her outburst the night before.

Hmm, Sharon thought, stroking her chin like a movie villain while she considered. She tried hard to remember what Vittorio had done with his car keys when they had come in. Had he put them in one of his pockets? No…

The nightstand! Sharon could picture his keys perfectly, in a little heap on the bedside table in that first bedroom. As far as Sharon knew, Vittorio hadn’t left since they’d gotten to the mansion. Reasonably, she could bet that the keys were still there. Could she sneak across the hall and grab them while Vittorio had his meeting downstairs?

After little consideration, she decided that probably wasn’t a great idea. She had no idea when Vittorio would be coming back upstairs. Even if she got the keys, what would she do with them if he wanted to talk to her or came looking for them? She winced, she could practically feel the violent slashes of his belt against her supple flesh already. She’d definitely be in for some punishment if he caught her with his keys. She was going to have to sneak them out when she knew he wouldn’t be looking for them or using them anytime soon.

Aha! Sharon thought. She finally got it. She could seduce him, take his keys after he fell asleep and then drive like hell. Even then, she was running the risk of him waking up and chasing her in any of his other cars or thwarting her attempt before she even made it out of the garage. It wasn’t a foolproof plan, but it was all she had.

The day dragged on as Sharon hid in her yellow room, waiting for Vittorio to come find her. Her mind raced in a thousand different directions. She tried to think through every aspect of her plan from start to finish. What she would do if Vittorio didn’t want to have sex, if he didn’t sleep next to her, if the keys were gone, if he followed her? Before she knew it, the sun had set and left the sky in a dark, dusky haze.

It didn’t seem like Vittorio was coming to get her, but Sharon was getting restless. She ventured out of the room again, into the dark hallway.

“Hello?” she called out. “Vittorio?”

To her surprise, Vittorio came out of his room across the hall. How long had he been in there, so close to me? Sharon wondered.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Just wanted to… say hi.” Sharon said, awkwardly fiddling with the long sleeves of his sweatshirt. “We haven’t talked since last night, so…”

“Yeah, just trying to respect your space.” Vittorio quipped. “Been kind of a busy day.”

“Have time for… a little break?” Sharon asked him in her best husky, lustful voice.

Vittorio’s eyebrows raised a bit. Clearly he hadn’t expected her to want to fuck him. Sharon wasn’t even sure she did really want to. But, if it got her in the room, closer to the keys, and tired Vittorio out, she was willing to do anything.

“I could probably work that in,” Vittorio said tentatively, still watching Sharon with suspicious eyes.

Sharon swung her hips as she walked closer to him. She put her small hand on his chest and beamed up at him with an adoring smile. Despite her horrific realizations about Vittorio and all his probable lies, he still looked and felt like the sexy man she’d shared many nights of passion with. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her close. When he leaned down to kiss her, it was sweet and warm. The feelings his kiss ignited within her were fully at odds with her fear and she felt her resolve to run diminish just a little.

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