Boone's Baby(9)

By: Stormy Glenn

“Do you always paint your nails hot pink?”

Jackie smiled as he glanced down at the vivid pink color. “Not all the time. These just happen to be this week’s color.” Jackie lifted his leg, wiggling his bare toes. “They match my toes.”

He looked up quickly when he heard Boone gulp. The man was staring at Jackie’s toes as if mesmerized. Jackie wiggled them again.

Boone flushed and glanced away. “Sorry.”

“Do you like my toes, Sheriff?” Jackie had no idea what made him ask that, but the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“They are very pretty,” Boone replied.

“They look better in my high heels.”

“I…uh…saw you in your high heels at the store.” Boone stared down into his glass. “Hot-pink stilettos, if I remember correctly.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Jackie knew he was treading on dangerous ground, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. There was something about Boone Marshall that called to him. “And what did you think of my hot-pink stilettos?”

“I don’t know much about high heels.” Boone’s face flushed again. “I’m gay.”

Jackie almost danced in his chair, but that might have come off wrong. Instead, he stuck his leg out and rubbed his toes along Boone’s jean-clan thigh. “Then my question remains the same. What did you think of my hot-pink stilettos?”

Boone grabbed Jackie’s foot, but instead of pushing it away, he pushed it against his thigh. Jackie pressed his lips together to keep from groaning when Boone’s hand moved along his bare leg.

“Jesus, your legs are smooth.” Boone slid his hand up as high as the bottom edge of Jackie’s sleeping shorts.

Jackie grinned at the heat he could hear in those words. “I wax.”

Boone swallowed tightly. “Everywhere?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

Boone seemed to suddenly get ahold of himself and realize what he was doing. His eyes rounded and he pushed back his chair before jumping to his feet. His hand was shaking as he thrust it into his hair.

“I am so sorry, Jackie. That was totally uncalled for. I had no right to touch you like that.”

“You didn’t hear me arguing, Sheriff.”

“No, but I told you I was gay. I have no business messing with—” Boone’s lips pressed tight as he shook his head.

“Messing with what?”

“A woman.”

Jackie’s jaw dropped. “You think I’m a woman?”

Boone’s gaze went to the hot-pink nail polish. “Aren’t you?”

Jackie laughed. “No.” He’d been accused of it more than once, but just because he liked women’s clothes and was a bit feminine looking didn’t mean he was one.

Boone snapped his gaze to Jackie’s. “You’re not a woman?”

Jackie shook his head. “No.”

Jackie’s eyes rounded when Boone grabbed him and slammed their mouths together, and then they slid closed as his world turned on its axis. He groaned as he buried his fingers in Boone’s hair, holding the man close as his mouth was ravaged. His heart danced with excitement as he gave himself freely to the passion of Boone’s kiss.

Jackie groaned and opened his mouth, allowing Boone in. He moved his tongue against Boone’s, touching, caressing. Each small touch, each lick felt like heaven. Jackie never wanted it to end.

Jackie yelped when he was lifted and then set down on the counter, the suddenness of the movement startling him. He almost protested when Boone pulled away, but then he felt the small kisses pressed against the skin of his throat.

When Boone pulled his shirt up, Jackie eagerly lifted his arms. The mouth that latched on to his nipple made Jackie cry out in ecstasy. At the base of his throat, a pulse beat and swelled as though his heart had risen from its usual place, wanting to be near Boone.

Jackie wiggled closer, needing to feel more of Boone’s exquisite touch. Long fingers slid into his sleep shorts and wrapped around his aching cock. “Boone!”

“Look how you burn for my touch, Jackie.”

Jackie wanted to look, but he was too busy going out of his mind. He didn’t even care when Boone pulled his shorts off.

Boone stroked him, slowly at first, then with more vigor. Every time he got to the head of Jackie’s cock, he rubbed his fingers over the top. The gentle touches sent shivers of delight through Jackie until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Jackie cried out as his body arched into the air, his cock thrusting through Boone’s grip as an orgasm of epic proportions raced through his body, stealing his breath.

Jackie felt melty, blissful. He blinked several times as he looked down to see Boone licking away the evidence of his pleasure.

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