Boone's Baby(7)

By: Stormy Glenn

When Boone glanced up, Jackie raised an eyebrow at him. Boone shrugged. Travis, Bobby, and Sean weren’t really bad kids, just kids with too much time on their hands. They were young enough to be turned around before they ended up criminals for life, but they needed direction. Hopefully, community service would do that.

“But I don’t know anything,” Bobby insisted in a high voice. “I told you, he never gave us his name.”

“True, you did.” Boone stepped over to lean against the porch post. “But you can tell me what he looked like.”

That would be a good start.

“You can tell me where you met him, what he was driving, what he was wearing, if he had any type of accent. Stuff like that.”

Boone really wanted to know what this guy looked like.

“Um, well.” Bobby glanced at Sean. “He wasn’t as tall as you.”

Not many people were.

“Was he taller than you?”

Bobby’s hair flopped across his forehead when he nodded. “I had to look up at him.”

“Okay, so between five foot six and six foot six.”

Well, that was as clear as mud.


“What did he look like?”

“He stayed mostly to the shadows,” Sean said with a bit of eagerness in his voice. Boone was pretty sure he was hoping to keep his butt out of trouble, too.

“Can you hazard a guess?”

“His hair was dark.”

Great, his hair was dark and he hid in the shadows.

Perfect description.

“He drove a two-door sports car, one of those fancy ones,” Sean said quickly. “It was red.”

Now, they were getting somewhere.

“Did you see if it was a convertible or not?”

“No, but…” Sean frowned.

“But what?” Boone asked.

Sean reached for his back pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He slid his finger across the screen several times and then held the phone out to Boone. “It was a really cool car. I kind of took a picture of it.”

Hot damn.

Boone glanced down at the phone. Interesting. It was a red BMW two door. Had to be from overseas. It had an English license plate. Boone sent the picture to his own phone and then handed it back to Sean.

“Did the guy have an accent?” Considering the car was from another continent, it was a legitimate question.

“No, but he talked all proper like.” Sean shivered. “It was weird.”

Boone had no doubt.

“Okay, boys, here’s the deal. I’m going to talk to Jackie about not pressing charges, but I expect to see each of you down at the station tomorrow morning, not later than ten o’clock. Understand?”

Bobby’s eyes rounded. “In the morning?”

“Yes, in the morning.”

“But it’s already three.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have tried to goof off so late at night.”

Bobby mumbled something as he looked away.

“What was that?” Boone asked.

“It’s Saturday.”

“Yes, and every Saturday for the next three months, your ass is mine.”

“Ah, man.”

“Now, remember, I know where you live. If you’re not standing in front of my desk by ten, I’ll come looking for you, and you really don’t want me to do that.”

Neumus walked out from behind the woodshed with Travis and headed for the house. His hand was wrapped around the back of Travis’s neck. He had a smile on his face. Travis did not.

“What?” Boone asked when the man was within hearing distance.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t be having any more problems with Travis,” Neumus said as he gave the teen a little shake. “I’d be surprised if he jaywalked. Isn’t that right, Travis? You’re going to be a good boy from now on, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Travis replied as he cringed.

Boone dug into his pocket and pulled out his keys before holding them out to Neumus. “Can you drive the boys home? I need to stay here and get Jackie’s statement and gather some evidence in case the boys decide not to meet with me tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

Boone gestured toward the truck with his head. “Go on, boys. Get in the truck. Neumus will take you home.”

“We’re not going to jail?” Travis asked, hopefulness in his voice.

“Bobby will explain it to you,” Boone said. “Now, go on. You need to be getting home before I get a call from your parents reporting you missing.”

Boone waited until Neumus and the boys pulled out of the driveway before he turned to the man standing on the porch. “Now, Jackie Lee, I have some questions for you.”

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