Boone's Baby(2)

By: Stormy Glenn

“This is pretty nice,” Boone said as he glanced around the new shop that Kye and Neumus had insisted on building for Hugh.

It had taken almost a month to build, but it was the workshop of Hugh’s dreams. Kye and Neumus had gone on a shopping spree after the shop was build and bought him every woodworking tool they could find. Hell, some of the tools were so odd Boone didn’t even know what they were for.

Hugh grinned as he grabbed his sandpaper and went back to work on the antique dresser. “Yeah, it is.”

“Has Neumus discovered what his hobby is yet?”

“Yeah, annoying the hell out of me.”

“I heard that!”

Hugh grinned as he glanced toward the doorway.

“Stop looking at me like you want to eat me,” Neumus said to Hugh as he brushed past Boone and sauntered across the room.

Hugh grinned. “But I do want to eat you.”

“Okay.” Boone covered his eyes. He so did not want to see the lust building between the two men. He could smell it and that was bad enough. It’d been a while since anyone had looked at him like Hugh was looking at Neumus. “I’m leaving before my eyeballs get burned.”

“Don’t forget that we have dinner at Mom’s on Sunday.”

“Got i—ouch!” Boone ran smack-dab into a wood planer. He frowned as he dropped his hand from his eyes and glared down at the tool. He mumbled to himself, moved around the planer, and walked out the door. “I have so got to get laid.”

But as much as that need was riding him, Boone also wanted what his brother had found with Kye and Neumus. He was tired of back-room fucks and one-night stands. He wanted someone who was just his, someone he was proud to stand beside.

He wanted his mate.

He was just starting to wonder if such a person existed.

* * * *

Two months later

The first thing Boone noticed was the long auburn hair that fell in gentle waves down to a beautifully curved butt. He could just imagine those gorgeous strands brushing against his skin as he fucked that perfect little ass.

The second thing Boone noticed was that the gorgeous ass he was dreaming about was dressed in tight denim shorts. It curved down over nicely rounded ass cheeks to a beautiful set of long tanned legs and a pair of hot-pink stiletto heels.

And that sent all of Boone’s sexual fantasies up in a huge puff of smoke.

He didn’t do women.


And wasn’t that damn sad, ’cause that really was a fantastic ass.

Boone cleared his throat so that he didn’t startle the woman, as she was bent over a box and facing away from him. “Ma’am.”

He hoped he got that right.

“Oh!” The figure swung around, thick auburn hair flying everywhere.

Boone’s jaw dropped as he watched a thin-boned hand flutter at a delicate, swanlike neck. He slowly raised his gaze until he met the oddest gray eyes he’d ever seen. They were pale gray like summer clouds before a violent rainstorm.

And they were staring right back at him.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Boone said carefully, not real sure if he was dealing with a man or a woman at this point. His guess could go in either direction. “I received a call that there had been some vandalism.”

“You’re the sheriff?”

“Yes, ma—uh, yes. Sheriff Boone Marshall.” Boone almost groaned when the man or woman’s lush lips spread into a glorious smile. He so did not need to be obsessing over a woman. And if this was a man, he needed to rethink his thoughts on how men were supposed to look.

“Jackie Lee.”

The name didn’t help at all. Jackie was kind of a unisex name. Boone held out his hand instead. A handshake might be able to give him more of a clue.


The hand held out to him was delicately boned and had hot-pink painted nails. Boone tried not to swear or curse—in case it was a woman—as he shook Jackie’s hand. There was a grip, but it wasn’t tight. It wasn’t limp either.

It was no help at all.

Maybe he could fish for information.

“You’re new to Potter’s Creek. Am I right?”

“Yes. I just moved in.” Pink fingernail polish flashed through the air as Jackie waved a hand back toward the box he or she had been leaning over. “As you can see, I’m still unpacking.”

It was only as Boone looked at the boxes that Jackie indicated that he noticed the stuff stacked all over the place. There were shelves of pottery and dishes and clothing. Colorful quilts hung from the walls, as did paintings. Jewelry dangled from small turning displays on top of the counters. Handmade bric-a-brac lined every other available space. There were even jars of jam stacked on one shelf.

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