Blissfully Undone(8)

By: Red Phoenix

“I am not going to enter you with my fingers, have no fear. I just want to touch your luscious pussy while you play with yourself.”

Jenny stifled a gasp when he felt around her inner lips. It was thrilling to have his fingers exploring her while she stimulated her clit.

“So wet and swollen. I can tell you’re close, Jenny.” His confidence and manly touch heightened her arousal. The fact that Dan was about to witness her first manual orgasm excited her for some reason. He leaned down and sucked on her breast for the first time. She cried out and felt a strong contraction in her loins. “So close…” he whispered and then sucked her nipple harder.

Jenny closed her eyes as the fire between her legs reached a level she’d never gotten to before. Her back automatically arched as another contraction hit sending her over the edge. Jenny whimpered in pleasure as wave after wave rolled over her.

“So damn sexy,” Dan growled after her climax ended. He took her wet hand and placed it on his cock. Jenny shifted so she was facing him and then she started stroking his shaft. “Kiss me. This won’t take long.”

Dan plundered her lips while Jenny caressed his thick tool vigorously. He groaned in her mouth as he stiffened. Jenny felt his cock spasm just before hot come shot onto her stomach. His dick continued pulsating in her hand as he released a full load.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her. “I told you it wouldn’t take long.”

“Is that normally the case for you?” she asked innocently, although it was meant as a joke.

He gazed at her with tender emotion. “No, only when I’m in the presence of a woman I’ve wanted for far too long.”

Jenny had no witty retort to fire back. “Ah…”

Dan kissed her cheek. “Did you enjoy it?”

“More than I thought,” she admitted.

“Good, because this is only the beginning.”

Jenny laughed as she scooted off the couch and got up. “This was a one-time deal, Dan.”

“Oh no, we have days together and I plan to take full advantage of them.”

“In your dreams.”

After they cleaned up, Dan suggested the two of them get dressed since the night air was creeping into the cabin. They spent the evening sipping wine and talking about their childhoods. Dan asked Jenny to put her feet on his lap while they talked. He massaged them in the most delightful way while they shared more about themselves.

“I’ve always felt jealous of Kelly when you rubbed her feet,” Jenny confessed. “Ryan can’t stand feet. He almost gagged the one time he rubbed them for me.”

“Ryan is a fool. These are beautiful feet.”

Jenny felt bad for complaining, so she hastily added, “Hey, don’t get me wrong. Ryan is amazing in bed. We can go for hours.”

“I’m sure,” answered Dan, bending over and kissing each toe. The intimate gesture made her tremble inside. Man, he was a good lover.

Snowy Interlude

It was a relief to Jenny when he went to sleep in his own room. She was afraid that with too much contact, she’d forget her vow not to make love to him. Jenny held onto the notion that a little fingering wasn’t dangerous. In fact, she had learned something valuable.

Jenny snuck her fingers underneath her panties and began playing with herself. Her body was still on fire and quickly responded to her touch. She kneaded and pulled on her nipple as she vigorously flicked her clit. She made herself incredibly wet in the process, but she needed something more. Jenny stuck her finger inside her eager pussy, trying not to think of Dan. Jenny cried out softly when her orgasm finally hit. Success!

She snuggled down in the covers afterwards and purred. Having the power to make herself come was incredible. Jenny fell asleep with a huge smile on her lips.

In the middle of the night, she was surprised to wake up from an erotic dream to see Dan standing over her with an obvious hard-on. “What?” she asked in astonishment, quickly sitting up and moving to the other side of the couch.

“What you do mean what? You were calling my name.”

She smirked as it had been a really good dream. “You must have been hearing things. I was asleep.”

“No, I heard you clearly. You were moaning, ‘Oh Dan, yes…yes! I want it harder, Dan!’”

Jenny blushed, recalling how hard he had pounded her in the dream. “I think you are making that up,” she insisted.

“Well, maybe the ‘I want it harder’ part. But you were definitely calling my name, so here I am.”

Jenny looked at his masculine cock standing so proud and erect. “I’m not sure how you can help me.”

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