Blissfully Undone(7)

By: Red Phoenix

“No, you have to let me see them. It’s the rules.”

Jenny’s body tingled as she removed her hands and let him look at her breasts. “Had enough?” she finally asked.


She picked up the deck and started shuffling. Dan’s eyes never left her chest. Jenny quickly fanned her cards out and put them in front of her, effectively blocking his view.

Thankfully, she won with a king high. With more enthusiasm than she meant to reveal, Jenny cried out, “Pants!”

Dan feigned shyness as he slowly stood up and undid the button on his jeans. He let them fall to the floor. Jenny couldn’t help noticing the large bulge in his boxers. “Like what you see?”

The heat rushed to her cheeks. “Not really.”

“That’s only because you can’t see what’s underneath.”

“I think I am done with the game.”

“So soon? You were winning.”

“Somehow, either way it seems you are the one winning.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “If you want to wimp out, that’s your business. But the rules state that we both have to keep our clothes off for the rest of the day.”

Jenny had a sneaking suspicion he was making it up, but she was willing to play along. “Better put some more logs on the fire then, I feel a little cold.”

“I can tell,” he said with a smirk, gazing brazenly at her nipples.

“Me, too.” She smiled wickedly, staring at his crotch. Dan moved to put more wood on, laughing under his breath.

Jenny found herself admiring his ass as he bent over to stoke the fire. She shook her head. What the hell was she doing? “We can’t have sex, Dan,” she blurted. “I would never forgive myself.”

Once Dan had a hot fire going, he turned around and asked, “What constitutes overstepping the bounds? How far is too far?”

Jenny frowned. She hadn’t thought about it before. “Well, we definitely can’t make love. My vagina is off limits.”


“So what does that really leave? I don’t think it’s worth even bothering with.”

“I disagree. It leaves us many options I’m open to exploring. What about you?”

Ryan and she pretty much just fucked. Every now and then, they did a little oral but neither of them was much into it. Jenny felt rather sorry for Dan. Without penetration, neither would have much fun. “Well, I suppose if you’re still willing I am.”

“Good.” Dan walked over and pulled her close, kissing Jenny without even asking. Her breasts pressed against his naked chest. The electricity it caused left Jenny breathless afterwards. It might be a little enjoyable after all. “What do you want to try first?” he asked.

Jenny sighed. “What? You want me to suck on you?” It seemed the most obvious choice.

“Nah, how about you play with yourself while I watch.”

Jenny looked at him in horror. “No way. I can’t do that.”

“Why not? I’ve fantasized about it for years.”

She hated to admit the truth, but figured honesty was the best policy. “I don’t do that really. I guess I’m one of those weird girls who only like cock.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“Well, it’s a fact. Want me to suck on you now?”

“No. I want to help you play with yourself.”

Jenny felt her whole body flush. “I can’t do that, Dan. It’d be too embarrassing.”

“Why?” He leaned over and whispered hoarsely, “Nothing would turn me on more than watching you get yourself off.”

Even though Jenny knew she was facing certain humiliation, she let Dan guide her to the couch. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She was grateful she’d worn lacy panties at least. Dan pulled off his boxers and lay on the sofa, motioning her to join him. Jenny stared at his thick cock. It was definitely different from Ryan’s long, thin one.

Jenny hesitantly lay down next to him, staring up at the log ceiling, afraid to make eye contact. Dan took her hand and moved it to her pussy. “Play with yourself.” Jenny reluctantly stuck her hand under her panties and fumbled with her clit like she always did. “That’s sweet,” he murmured. He shimmied off her underwear and put his finger next to hers. Dan started rubbing at a faster rate, applying more pressure than she ever did. It instantly caused a warm sensation throughout her groin area. “Now you try it,” he told her.

Jenny had to swallow her pride as she attempted to flick herself with the same enthusiasm he had. “Faster,” he encouraged. Soon her sensitive clit was singing under her own touch. She felt his hard cock push into her thigh, the wetness of his precome leaving a trail on her leg. There was no doubt that Dan enjoyed watching her.

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