Blissfully Undone(10)

By: Red Phoenix

Dan looked up between her legs. “I thought you’d like that.”

Instead of going back to his room, Dan stayed with Jenny on the couch. They curled up together with his arm draped over her. Jenny fell asleep immediately in his embrace.

The next morning she woke up to Dan’s breath on her neck. It gave her tingling chills. Why didn’t she feel that way with Ryan? He was a good guy and she’d never had complaints before. But damn, he never made her feel like this.

When Dan finally stirred, she got off the couch and gathered breakfast materials. Dan automatically went to stoke the fire. They sat at the table staring at each other in silence while they ate a cold breakfast and drank their instant coffee.

Dan finally asked, “Have you ever deepthroated a guy?”

Jenny looked at him in shock. “Are you kidding? I don’t like to gag when I suck a man.”

“Oh, okay.”

She had expected he would argue the point, but he didn’t. He continued eating his cinnamon Pop-Tart and sipping his coffee in silence.

“Does Kelly deepthroat you?”

“Nah. She’s like you.”

Dan got up and threw another log on the fire before getting a pan of snow to melt for water. He announced from the door, “It looks like things are finally clearing up. The wind has died down and the sun’s out today.”

“Good,” Jenny said, but she was secretly disappointed.

In the afternoon, after a card game of Liar, which she dominated, Jenny brought up the subject of deepthroating again. His suggestion had frightened her when he first mentioned it, but the more she thought about the act the more curious she was to try it. “So, I don’t even know how to deepthroat a guy.”

“Would you like to learn?”

Jenny didn’t answer immediately. She shuffled the cards a couple of times and then put the stack down on the table and looked at him. “Maybe.”

“If you want to practice with me, I’d be happy to show you the ropes.”

“How many girls have taken you that way?”

“Only one, but it’s an experience I’ve never forgotten.”

She was honest with him. “I’m afraid I’ll choke.”

“I would take it slow with you. Just fun and practice. No pressure at all.”

Jenny sighed nervously. Why did she have such a burning desire to please him? It wasn’t natural. “Okay, how do we start?”

Dan cleared off the kitchen table. “This seems to be the perfect height. I noticed it this morning.” He motioned her to him. Jenny was about to get on the table, but Dan grabbed her in his arms. He kissed her neck and then lightly nibbled on her collarbone. “You are one sexy woman, Jenny.” Dan poured wine for both of them and handed her a glass. It was still a little early for drinking, but Jenny took it realizing it would help her relax.

Dan relieved Jenny of her shirt and bra. He was so natural about it that she found herself half-naked before she knew what was happening. He leisurely caressed her breasts and then started kissing her on the lips. Dan teased her mouth with that naughty tongue of his. Oh, his kisses were trouble. She’d do anything for him now.

Once her body was properly tingling in anticipation, Dan asked her to lie down on the table. He helped her lie face up and then pulled her towards him until her head hung slightly off the edge. “The right angle is everything,” he told her, running his hand over her throat with a lustful look in his eye.

She was trying to act calmer than she felt, but she couldn’t control how quickly her breasts were rising and falling and he noticed. Dan knelt down beside her and said, “Don’t be scared. We’ll end it if it’s something you don’t like.”

Jenny’s entire body relaxed. There was no reason to be scared. She trusted Dan and this was something she wanted to try. Jenny watched him with her upside-down view as he took off his clothes in front of her. Dan’s cock looked eager for the practice session.

“There are a few things that will make this easier. First, we need you to get a lot of saliva going. The more the better. Don’t worry about slurping sounds or it dripping from your mouth. It’s a good thing. Second, you are going to control my cock and the depth of it at all times. I will not thrust into you. Thirdly, breathe in when you push in and exhale when you push out. The most important thing of all is when you hit the back of your throat and you don’t think you can take anymore, that’s when you need to swallow. If you swallow my cock into your throat you won’t feel the need to gag.”

Jenny opened her mouth to let him know she was ready. When Dan moved closer, she took his cock in her hand. In order to build up saliva, Jenny sucked and nibbled on the head of his shaft first. Then she started taking him into her mouth—not all at once, but little by little. She teased him mercilessly because she had all the control. Dan groaned time and time again as she brought him to the edge, making him plead for her to stop.

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