Blind Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 1)(7)

By: Milana Jacks

Rey sipped her drink and covered her dislike of it with another of her fake smiles. I had to watch her. She covered up pretty well. I bet she was an excellent little liar. Came from a family of crooks.

At last, Rey put her glass down on the table.

Glasses clicked together.

Tchai spilled over my hand before the glass hit the floor. I gripped Rey’s hips, planted my feet, and shoved the bench back about ten feet away. “Damn it!” I said. I’d almost dropped her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Rey said, frantically moving her hair over her shoulders. Her small feet crunched the glass as she ran back to the table. She took out tissues from her backpack and tried to clean up the mess.

What the hell? I stomped after her. “Don’t run on the fucking glass.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Hey.” I put my hand on her shoulder. “Let Karen clean up. Shit happens, don’t worry about it.” Tchai seeped through the thin tissues and drenched her fingers. Instead of swiping the tissue over the spill, Rey dabbed and dabbed and dabbed. “Watch out!” I shouted.

“Ah!” She jerked her hand away with a piece of glass stuck in the middle of her palm.

“Fuck. Me.” I grabbed her wrist and turned her palm. “Let me see.” Motherfucker. Should’ve just taken her home.

And of course, people gathered around us to see. I spotted Karen, who stood at the table like she didn’t have things to do. “Whatcha looking at?”

“It was an accident,” Rey said.

“Nothing, she’s a klutz,” Karen answered me. She had a death wish too. “Watch your mouth,” I said. “Vice? Didn’t I say to tell her not to come around?”

“I told her.”

“I’m no good anymore,” Karen started. I knew what was coming. That little flavor called drama. The one I didn’t want spoken in front of my mate. We, the beasts, loved to fuck. We fucked often, and we fucked hard. If unmated, we needed to get it like everyone else got it before they committed. Everyone had a history, and so did I, but I wanted to mate with Rey tonight, and I wanted to settle down. I didn’t want her thinking anyone else mattered to me, because they didn’t. But Karen always had a mouth too big for her health, and she didn’t disappoint. “Well, well, well, aren’t you two something? Alpha Beast, I didn’t think you’d mind. A few weeks ago, you didn’t mind. And you?”

She looked at Vice but didn’t get a chance to say anything because I interrupted and said, “Bad shit happens when you think, because when you think, you’re not thinking at all. Mind your position and your mouth. Vice, escort her outside the city.”

Karen rested her hands on her hips. I shook my head when Vice grabbed her elbow to escort her out.

“Hey, get off me!” she shouted. “You’ll tire of the Jamie act. That little whore won’t know what to do with you.”

I searched Rey’s face for signs of jealousy, but she didn’t seem to give a shit. Yeah? Well, she’d give a shit once she got used to her new life and me.

Man, of all the women on this planet, I got a sweet native mate. I needed a female bitch, and not this…this…man, she was beautiful. I had to take care of her hand. My perfect girl might be clumsy, and that was okay with me, ’cause I wasn’t.

A piece of glass stuck out of her palm. Blood trailed down the sides of her hand. She stared at it. I licked the blood from her hand. Sweet. “Don’t listen to her,” I said, even though she didn’t give a shit. “Or anybody. You know how it is in the city.” I plucked the glass from her palm, and she winced. “Nasty cut. Let’s get it cleaned.” I tugged her wrist and led her inside, where I sat her down on a soft, worn-out couch, then left to get the supplies.

Chapter Four


Back inside the compound, I sat on a leather couch and fisted my hand. The cut burned and bled. I didn’t expect the Alpha Beast to tend to it, but right in front of me, a chair scraped the floor and a black mass sat down. It could only be Jamie. None of the others were this big. How tall was he?

He took my hand in his. Although rough, his hands were tender; claws scraped my skin but didn’t slice. As he poured—I sniffed—peroxide over the cut and wrapped gauze over my hand, I pretended to survey the surroundings while I really listened and inhaled the scents dominating the room. Since I’d lost my sight, my other senses had strengthened, and because I used to see before my accident, it was easy to paint a picture of the room.

To my left, the people chatted around the bar or at least a popular place where drinks got served. To my right, several voices followed footsteps. Coming and going, coming and going. Maybe the hallway to the bathrooms?

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