Blind Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 1)(6)

By: Milana Jacks

Jamie worked with his hands. They were callused, and it suited his jeans attire. I disliked generalizing, but I had nothing else to help paint a picture of my husband. I wondered what he did every day, or if he even held a day job. A job would take him away from home. It would give me some breathing room. At least for now.

Chapter Three


I’d almost kidnapped Rey straight out of her home, put her on my bike, and driven her to my house. That was how crazy I’d been when I first saw her smile. For us—the beasts from faraway planet Tineya— mating was a simple process. You saw a female, you felt she was your female, you took the female and made her yours. Making her yours meant conquering her pussy with might, fucking her to oblivion to get her into heat. That was our whole purpose as mated male beasts. To conquer our mate’s pussy and get our mates pregnant with little beast babies.

We never told the communities we depended on their females for mating. We couldn’t tell them we needed the girl and not any girl. We’d told them we took girls as pairs as if we could choose between many, even went as far as buying random women and putting them in the cities. It kept the power in our hands, or they’d try to fuck with us. Or hurt our mates.

Vice—the ass—had lost his mate before he’d even claimed her. We’d been looking for her all over this godforsaken land. We came to Rey’s community in search of Vice’s mate but found mine instead. I couldn’t get Rey out of my mind, and the fact her uncle wouldn’t let her talk to us, wouldn’t let her join us for lunch, made me want to kidnap her even more.

I didn’t ask him to pair her with me the same day. Instead, I’d listened to my brother Vice when he’d advised against mixing with scum the likes of her uncle. He’d said to be certain Rey was mine before asking for her. I went back home and couldn’t get a wink of shut-eye all night. What if she ran off like Vice’s mate had, and I couldn’t find her? Naturally, this idea made me crazy.

Early the next day, I yanked one of their priests out of his bed so he could draw up the pairing papers. I rode back to her community with said papers and a case of money I’d strapped to my bike. Her uncle, the greedy bastard, had taken all of five minutes to sign the papers and take the money, but he held my mate for another week. Motherfucker.

But she was here now.

I buried my nose in her hair and inhaled a peach shampoo scent. I bet her pussy tasted like peaches too. My mouth watered. When I lifted my head, Vice brushed his thumb over the smooth skin of the top of her hand. My eyes turned silver-white, and my canines elongated. Slowly. My brother loved fucking with me. Or he wanted to die.

I tugged her hand away. “Vice, my brother, fuck off about a foot away.” Vice laughed, and my mate chuckled. “Something funny?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I pinched her thigh.


Ten minutes later, Karen, one of the natives I’d asked Vice not to keep around, brought me tchai, a cold green sweet drink with peppermint. The tchai plant from Tineya grew pretty well on Earth. I didn’t drink alcohol, not after my youngest brother flipped, drunk on his bike. Went down from a few thousand feet and splattered on the green grass we’d just finished planting that year. Just like that. Gone. Me? Fuck no. I had a mate to take care of and fuck real good so we could have babies. No alcohol and riding for me.

Rey tasted her drink. Again, she tried to fake a smile. But I’d seen her smiles when they were genuine so I knew she wasn’t all that into it. She probably hoped I’d have a bottle of whiskey or at least a case of beer and that I’d pass out. Lots of beasts drank, especially during their pairing party. We called it a mating party, but with natives at our compound and in the city in general, we’d adapted our customs. Earth’s natives couldn’t know we needed the mates they provided to reproduce. They feared us. As they should.

Rey still sipped her tchai but finally scrunched up her nose. Nope, definitely didn’t like my sweet drink. The plant was a native of my planet, not hers, and I liked it real sweet. I liked many sweet things, so I licked her neck and smacked my lips. “I’m gonna eat you,” I told her.

Rey’s skin turned clammy and pale.

I wanted to tell her I often joked like an asshole, but kept my mouth shut. She should fear me. I had her fear and nothing else going for me. It would keep her within the city walls when I left for the day. She could take off on me like her sister took off on Benji before I had to put him out of his misery.

I caught Vice’s gaze. He shook his head in disapproval. Fuck him. Vice had courted his mate for weeks. Even before he’d claimed her, he broke our code and told his mate he couldn’t have another. Said he’d give her the world. Little shit took off running the same night, and we hadn’t caught her since. Ain’t happening with mine. I tucked Rey closer.

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