Blind Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 1)(31)

By: Milana Jacks

Dewlyn pointed to the two-inch-wide black leather collar around her neck. My collar. The white inscription one could read from five hundred fucking miles away but Medrix had missed, read: Property of Vice, Tineyas Second.

Wide-eyed, Medrix swallowed. “A pair,” he said. “You’re Vice’s pair. Do not fucking jump on my watch!”

“I won’t if you give him a message.”

Both Jamie and I approached the screen. I swiped a hand over it. “Zoom in,” I commanded.

Man, she was something. All of four feet eleven, with her long red braid swaying in the wind, smiling big brown eyes, dirty jeans, and a dirty white T-shirt over her pear-shaped, honed body, she was fire contained in a tiny, sexy box. I needed to open up that box, have it spill its secrets without burning us both. She didn’t make it easy on me, and I didn’t know why.

A glint in her eye warned me something wicked had just crossed her mind. A cold shiver ran through my body. Dewlyn pulled on the belts strapped around her thigh.

“What’s she doing?” Jamie asked.

I shrugged again.

She glanced down, to probably over six hundred feet below. A knot of fear formed in my throat.

“Tell Vice I want him to leave me alone,” she said. “Tell him I hate him.”

“Bullshit,” I argued with the screen.

Medrix advanced.

“Don’t come closer, or I’ll go over,” she said.

“She’s messing with him,” I whispered. Right?

Jamie snorted.

“Come back down,” Medrix said. “I swear I’ll let you walk out of here. You running from Vice? I won’t tell him you’re here. Just don’t jump.”

Under her feet, she kicked back the loose cement when her toes crossed the building’s edge. Below, a few lights twinkled, and to the right was an empty parking platform. Dewlyn smiled.

“Is she suicidal?” Jamie asked.

Maybe, but I’d never tell a living soul. “Nah. Adrenaline junkie. She’ll come back down when he quits begging.”

“Disaster, Vice. She’s a fucking disaster.”

“Don’t talk about her like that.”

“What the fuck is she doing on the edge of that building? Why are you all cool about it? Wait, don’t answer that. You’ve lost your shit, that’s why.” Jamie stood and began pacing the surveillance room. We’d moved from Earth back into the ship so we could observe Dewlyn instead of chase her. This view was healthier for her, seeing as she was hell-bent on running from me and running our lives.

But I would have her back. I would have her back, and I would isolate us from all life. I had to tame her. Nothing else would do.

“See ya!” She leapt off the edge.

What?! My chest constricted. My heart didn’t beat as her body dropped. I gasped, struggling to catch a breath, not knowing if I should continue watching, or turn away so I wouldn’t see her splatter on the asphalt. My body, frozen by the scene before me, my eyes frozen in time, my brain blank, made the decision for me. I couldn’t fucking move.

Midway, something blue and huge, like a mushroom, blew up, and Dewlyn screamed when it jerked her body upward. It then leveled with the force of the winds and carried her. She threw her head back and laughed.

Up here in the surveillance room, the machines buzzed, while every male in the room stood frozen, stunned into silence.

My brother paused the screen.

I caught my breath and slapped both palms on the screen, right on her cheek, my head dropping between my hands. I closed my eyes and tried to erase the memory of what I’d just witnessed. I’d taken away her skater, and Rey’s bike was too flashy, so Dewlyn had come up with a parachute. Those things had to be at least a hundred years old. I cleared my throat and turned around, prepared to bark orders at the seven-member crew in the room with us. The males stared at the screen, blinking.

“Don’t worry,” Jamie said to the males, who worked mostly up here in the spaceship. “Not all human women do this. Most of them are sweet as sugar and will receive your attentions with open arms. Vice is just a lucky motherfucker, that’s all.”

“Shut it off,” I said.

Nobody moved.

“What is that thing?” one of my crew members asked.

“A parachute,” I said. “I want everyone on this. Comb the cities for old parachutes, anyone selling parachutes, or anyone seen with balloons of any kind.”

Jamie patted my back and nudged me into my office.

This ship belonged to me. I won it in a fight with a neighboring planet during one of our blood games. That had been the last time I’d ripped into flesh. Since we’d taken over Earth, I’d assumed a place at my brother’s side as an advisor, seeing as Jamie ran hot and we needed to exist with the humans, not devour them. Though right now, I definitely wanted to devour one particular human female. CLICK!

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