Blind Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 1)(2)

By: Milana Jacks

The Alpha Beast, my husband, didn’t know I’d been removed from the Pairing Program after my accident. I hadn’t expected Uncle Sam to tell him, but again, I’d hoped he’d honor my dad’s wishes to keep me at home and not sell me no matter how pretty I was. Also, I’d hoped the Alpha would ask someone about me before buying me. He hadn’t. I hoped far too much. Fat chance he’d want to marry me if he’d asked. The beasts called us their pairs, and they expected perfect, genetically compatible women who’d give them strong offspring. Trouble with me? I could barely take care of myself, let alone any offspring.

I scrunched up my nose and suppressed a gag at Uncle Sam’s breath and my situation. “You shouldn’t have arranged a pairing with anyone, let alone with a beast you all fear would destroy you,” I said. “I offered to work the kitchens and earn my keep.”

“The beast came and saw you watering the damn plants. He asked about you, so I paired you off. Good riddance, and by the way he kept watching you, I’d say he figured a pretty young thing like you would make any man happy.”

“You must really hate him,” I said, joking at my own expense. I was pretty good at finding the bright side.

“Everyone hates the Alpha Beast.”

Motorcycles rumbled in the yard as the beasts descended from the sky.

Uncle Sam stepped back when the engine noise died and hard-hitting boots over gravel approached.

“Thank you, Sam,” I said and gripped Dark’s leash. “It was nice knowing you. I hope you die a slow and painful death.” Usually, I wasn’t so bold with Sam since he’d swung at me and I lost most of my eyesight due to head trauma, but I figured he deserved far worst parting words than those. I hadn’t told anyone it was him who’d hit me. I said I fell out of the window and cracked my head on a rock. An accident. He’d kill me if I told the truth.

Sam placed his hand on my throat and took Dark’s leash. Immediately, my hound barked in protest. A thwack sounded, and Dark yelped.

I wanted this man to meet his Maker. “Give me the leash.”

“Can’t do. No place for hounds on bikes, just bitches. Put your fucking sunglasses on. Your eyes are on my forehead.”

A large, dark silhouette entered our sanctuary. I couldn’t see a whole lot, but I saw silhouettes and blurry contrast. I stopped tugging the leash.

I presumed it was the Alpha Beast but wasn’t sure, so I said nothing and slid my sunglasses over my eyes. I clenched my shaking hands.

“You’re right on time. I was just telling your wife—”

“My pair,” the Alpha Beast corrected in a deep baritone voice, which suited his massive frame. It sent a shiver down my spine. I’d seen a man-beast before I lost my sight. A cross between a man and a wolf. A humanoid monster with an enormous chest, and claws and teeth made for ripping into flesh.

Uncle Sam cleared his throat. “I told your pair how lucky she was. Here you go, honey,” Uncle Sam said and threaded my hands through the straps of my backpack. “Packed small like a good girl. Wants to take her hound.”

The Alpha Beast grunted. “No hounds.” He took my hand in his large callused one and pulled. I followed behind him, grateful for his guidance. Little did he know, I hardly saw where I stepped. The voices of his beasts and the smell of cigarette smoke grew closer as the Alpha Beast dragged me across the community’s yard. Abruptly, we stopped, and I ran into the back of his arm. It was like hitting a wall. “Oomph,” I muttered and bounced off, one leg stretched far back to prevent a fall. I guessed we’d reached his bike when the Alpha Beast released my hand. I didn’t move.

Dark barked with abandon, and I turned toward his voice. I had to have my hound with me. For one, I didn’t know what Uncle Sam would do with him, and two, I depended on Dark to get me around, especially now when I didn’t know where the hell I was going. I opened my mouth to ask my husband—pair, I should call him pair—to reconsider when he slid my backpack off my shoulders. A clawed fingertip lifted my chin. I managed to turn up my lips. A cold leather collar snapped around my neck. My collar. It was a beast thing. I was an owned pair.

“Thank you,” I said, “It’s beautiful.”

The Alpha Beast grunted. A large hand framed one side of my face, and his mouth slammed down on mine, his tongue demanding entrance. Whistling and hooting followed his assault—he considered it a kiss, I was sure. His hand wound around my hair, and I could do nothing but let him invade. I pretended it was a romantic wedding kiss, a press of lips, subtle and gentle for the sake of an audience, but the Alpha clearly didn’t know what gentle meant. My back nearly snapped when he leaned forward and I leaned back. He deepened the kiss. For a second, I thought, he might swallow me whole. When his tongue swirled with mine and a low growl rumbled in the back of his throat, I stopped thinking altogether.

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