Blind Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 1)(10)

By: Milana Jacks

I squeezed my eyes shut and let out a breath. “It hurts.”

“It’s supposed to. Believe me, it hurts me more.”


I chewed the inside of my mouth.


“What did I say I’d do?”




“I don’t know!”


I tried to think while he spanked me. “Mount me? You said you’d mount me like a…a bitch.”

“Is bitch a bad word around here?”

“It’s a beast female.”

“You hate that word,” he said and squeezed my ass.

I opted for truth and said, “Yes.” Oh, my ass hurt. I wanted to rub it but didn’t dare put my hands there. He’d just spank me more.

“All right, peach. I’ll remember things you don’t like, while you should remember I keep my promises.” He spat on his fingers and ran them through my slit. He said nothing else. He wasn’t happy, and I wasn’t happy I’d made him unhappy when I should’ve worked to make him ecstatic. If I knew how to suck him off right, I’d’ve choked on him, but I didn’t, and making an idiot of myself wasn’t on my agenda. Anymore. If he returned me, Uncle Sam would shoot me, so I enjoyed Jamie’s attentions and continued on my mission to please him.

His fingers played over my entrance. They probed and withdrew, probed and withdrew. Heat pooled in my belly, and a soft moan escaped my lips. In response, he grunted, satisfied.

The head of his cock rested at my entrance. It pushed inside and stretched and stretched. It wanted to fit. Jamie’s hand caressed my back, relaxed me, and I moaned louder, trying to accommodate his thickness. A large hand pressed the back of my neck and lowered my head to the bed.

“I ain’t a gentleman. Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you didn’t, but we’re animals.” He pushed into me, stretching me so wide, I thought I’d burst. A pause and he huffed out a breath. “Spread your legs a little more, and use your hands to open yourself.”

I widened my stand and spread my ass cheeks. He pushed in some more. When would it end? His cock felt a foot long!

His fingers brushed my hip and trailed down to touch my clit. I gasped at the gentle Yrub of his fingers. He rewarded me with a pinch on my sensitive bud. “Your little pussy is tight and all mine. Say that it’s mine.”

“It’s yours.”

“You’re gonna be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”


“That’s great, baby, now push back. Let your man inside.” He slapped my clit.

“Oh!” I reared away from his hand and impaled myself to the hilt. I gasped, thought for sure I’d split in half. One hand on the back of my neck pressed my cheek to the mattress, and the other teased, slapped, and used my clit while he moved inside me. Slow and steady, he stretched me. My moans grew louder; his grunts followed. He yanked my hair back, my body arched off the bed, and he slapped my clit with rapid hits. I screamed my orgasm, but Jamie didn’t stop.

He didn’t even pick up his pace.

Slow and steady.

His mouth trailed over my neck.

My muscles relaxed, knees giving out, so I hooked my hand behind his neck to keep myself from falling. He placed his foot on the bed for better leverage and turned my face around so his tongue could push inside my mouth. I opened for him. He liked that and started pounding my pussy so hard, the bedframe banged on the wall, and when my legs shook, he spread his palm over my lower belly to hold me up in case the hand in my hair wasn’t enough.

One last push and I felt him fill me.

He paused and breathed hard but didn’t stop kissing me.

And he didn’t fail to clean me up and tuck me into him after. “You’re a champ,” he said to me before my eyes closed. “I want to fuck every hole you’ve got, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Get used to it. You gettin’ used to it?”

I smiled in the dark and touched his face. My fingertips ran over his jaw first, and it was hard. His cheekbones next, and they were also hard, but his mouth was soft, and it turned up at the corners. When I got a good idea of what my husband looked like, I scooted closer and pressed my lips against his chest.

Jamie grunted and moved my hand into his hair. “Pet me.” My smile widened as I ran my fingers through coarse hair that fell to his shoulders. I imagined Jamie had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. “Your people tell me…” he started, then rested his erection on my belly. Jamie’s cock hadn’t gone down. Oh my. “They tell me you like to cook, so I haven’t gotten us anything. I’ll take you to the marketplace…sometime midmorning, and you’ll get what you want. I’ll see my schedule tomorrow and call. Be ready, don’t make me wait.”

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