Bearly Healed:Pacific Northwest Bears(8)

By: Moxie North

She once told Effie when she got caught looking that just because she was on a diet, didn’t mean she couldn’t look at the menu. Effie being a secure, beautiful woman just laughed and agreed with her. She did tell her not touching, though. Cassie could appreciate that rule.

“I don’t need adult assistance to go to the bathroom. Unless you want to watch, didn’t know you were into that, Dax,” Cassie huffed. Often now her funny sarcasm turned mean. She even knew she was being an asshole, but that mean little part of her that was still angry at being hurt would lash out.

“Sorry, princess, water sports is not my thing. But I will be happy to help you to the bathroom,” Dax offered. His feelings weren’t hurt by her surly attitude. When it came to Cass, his patience was well-developed.

“I’ve got it,” Cassie grumbled. She was slow, but she could get where she needed to go. She started her turtle pace to the door. Dax stood back and let her by, then followed closely behind. Once in the bathroom, Cassie shut the door in his face. She knew he wouldn’t be leaning on the door listening to her, but a little privacy would be appreciated.

Another fun side effect of having one leg wrapped in a brace from mid-thigh to mid-calf was you had to do a controlled fall to the toilet seat. One that Cassie admittedly had gotten pretty good at it. After using the facilities, she had to perform another acrobatic maneuver to get herself back up. She washed her hands and took a moment to examine her reflection.

Her face was drawn. Being a petite person meant she’d always had small features. Now they were fragile looking. She had circles under her eyes. Her skin was almost translucent; she should probably start taking vitamins or something.

Cass spotted her travel bag on an open shelf by the sink. Effie had probably put it there. And since she knew that Effie had packed it for her, it meant her vitamin E and scar cream was inside it.

Examining the line down her face, she didn’t even flinch at it anymore. She did in the beginning. It was ugly and red, and it was the only thing she could see. After she’d woken up from her coma, Dax had paid for a top notch plastic surgeon to fly out and do a revision on her scar.

The ER staff had patched her up, but they were more concerned with stopping the bleeding and keeping her alive than keeping her pretty. The surgeon had done an amazing job really. The line was narrow now. Before it had spots that had puckered during healing. The skin was pulled in places that made the scar look more graphic and painful.

Now she wasn’t afraid to admit she was vain enough to try and minimize the scar as much as she could. Applying the vitamin E and her ointment, she caked it on figuring the more the merrier.

Her inner meanie was telling her to go out the door, pretend to accidently put her crutch on Dax’s foot, then go back to bed. She knew that Effie would be worrying about her, she didn’t want Effie stressed. She figured she would put on a happy face for the night so Effie could go home tomorrow unworried. Which was bullshit, since Effie was going to worry regardless, but they all had their little parts to play.

Bracing herself she opened the door and found Dax leaning on the opposite wall. His arms were crossed, and his legs crossed at the ankles. He was casual cool, damn her bestie for finding such a hottie.

“That do something for you?” she snapped but didn’t put a lot of heat behind it.

“Oh yeah, turned my crank big time. Do you want to go back to your room or join the land of the living?” Dax asked. He figured fight sarcasm with sarcasm.

“Living room,” Cass reluctantly agreed.

“Can I help you?”

“No,” she said, already moving in the other direction.

The great room was lit up with soft lamps, and overhead lighting gave the room a bright but not harsh glow. She saw Effie on the couch and made her way that direction.

“There’s my little spaz, thought you were going to sleep the day away,” Effie said, opening her arms. Cassie made it to the couch, knowing Dax was behind her the whole time. She did a controlled fall next to Effie and let her friend wrap her up in her arms.

“Beauty sleep, I need more of it nowadays,” Cassie said, taking the moment to enjoy her friend. She reached up a hand and ran it over Effie’s belly.

“Hey, parasite,” she said affectionately. The baby kicked back, and her hand jumped. It was surreal to know a little creature was residing inside her friend.

“You hungry?” Effie asked.

“Yeah, actually. What are we having? Squirrel? Tree nuts?” she asked this quietly enough so only Effie would hear. She didn’t know that besides Dax there were two other shifters in the room.

Before Effie could answer, Edward beat her to it.

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