Bearly Healed:Pacific Northwest Bears(72)

By: Moxie North

“No, he saw my last name and knew I’d be an easy conviction. They know my family here,” Cassie admitted. Her family were no strangers to the legal system.

“Well then, we just need to change that last name don’t we?” he said, grabbing her chin between his fingers.

“You asking me to marry you, Mr. Rochon?” she teased. Their mating and bonding was so much more than a marriage. But she didn’t mind the idea.

“I’m only asking if you say yes, Sprite,” he returned.

“Fine, if we must. But I’m wearing black, and we are having cheesy poofs at the reception,” she said seriously.

“Anything for you, Cassie. Anything,” Cash said, sealing his vow with a kiss.

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