Bearly Healed:Pacific Northwest Bears(7)

By: Moxie North

“No, they want to see if she’s getting an insurance payout,” Effie scoffed.

Connie and Edward looked shocked.

“Cassie’s family is big, confusing, and mostly all losers. She was put in foster care because basically they kept forgetting about her. They’d forget to feed her, bathe her, and she was always around unsavory people. Now they heard of her accident from the news and are sniffing around hoping that there will be some money coming her way,” Effie said angrily.

“Since it was Effie’s car, and someone else was driving it, there are no settlements. We are covering all her medical expenses. Effie’s car is replaced. But her family is a bunch of greedy leeches,” Dax growled.

“We’ve even told them that. One of her aunts stopped by and tried to convince her to sue us for the wreck since it was my car. Sick assholes,” Effie snapped.

“Cass kicked them out, but I don’t think they are done causing trouble. I have someone keeping an eye on them. But just so you know,” Dax said.

“We’ll keep an eye on your girl. She’s safe here,” Edward promised.

Effie smiled. “I know, that’s why this is the only place and the only people we’d trust her with.”

“Thank you, dear. That means a lot,” Connie said, patting her knee.

There was a knock at the door. Edward got up to answer it. Pulling open the door, he saw one of his favorite daughters-in-law. Well, they were all his favorites, but he told them they were all the only one.

“Sophie, what are you doing here?” Edward asked, giving her a hug.

“Sorry, sorry, I know you wanted to let our new guest settle in. I just thought I’d bring over some treats. Well, not treats, more like dinner,” she said walking into the room.

Dax stood up and came over to give Sophie a side hug. “Hey, Sophie, good to see you.”

“Hey guys, hey Effie. Just wanted to pop this over,” she said holding a large box in her arms. Dax grabbed the box from her.

“Wow, heavy,” he said.

“Sorry, got a little carried away. There is a chicken pot pie, a garden salad and some peach cobbler for dessert. I just figured you’d all be knackered from your trip,” she said with a blush.

“Thank you, dear. That will make our evening very relaxing,” Connie said coming over to give her a hug too. “I wasn’t sure what Cassie would like so we were going to keep it simple tonight. This will be so much more satisfying. You are a dear to think of it,” she said, giving her daughter–in-law a hug.

Dax took the box to the kitchen and bent over to smell the amazing aromas coming from the pie.

“Sophie makes the best chicken pot pie you’ve ever tasted. And thank goodness she learned to make that because I don’t think I could have stomached another kidney pie. Who in their right mind would put organs in a pie?” Edward asked the room looking for back up.

“It’s traditional English fare. Just because your unrefined American palate can’t appreciate a classic is not my fault,” Sophie sniffed but winked at Effie.

“All right, I’ll get out of your way. Whenever Cassie is ready for visitors, we’ll come visit. Micah hasn’t shifted in weeks, so I think he’s safe to bring over,” Sophie explained. Micah was over two now and had essentially stopped shifting into a tiny bear cub. He wouldn’t shift again until puberty. For a human like Sophie, it was a sad concept. To shifters, it was just normal life.

Connie came around the counter of the kitchen to give her hug. “He’s gonna be just fine. You’ll have enough on your hands with a preschooler. The last thing you need is an adolescent bear in your house,” she said wisely.

“Thanks, mom,” she said returning the hug.

Sophie waved as she left, and the group was left back at their conversation before. How do you solve a problem like Cassie?

Chapter 5

Cassie woke up feeling groggy and needing to use the restroom. The meds she took often gave her such a numbing effect she’d forget to use the bathroom. Then it would become an urgent situation. Flipping the blanket off that clearly someone had snuck in and put on her, she got to a sitting position.

Seeing her crutches propped next to the nightstand, she slid her hands into the sleeves of the crutch. Putting her weight on her non broken leg, she slowly pushed up to see if her knee would hold her. Even with the leg brace, it could awkwardly collapse on her.

Finding her balance, she set her booted foot down. Oddly her broken ankle felt almost healed. Her knee was frustratingly still an issue. Taking her first hesitant step, she got one foot down, and the door opened.

“Why didn’t you call out? You do know you have a bell right? I mean how many people would love to have a bell to ring to summon people to their beck and call?” Dax was staring at her, an annoyed expression on his face, both hands on his hips. Cassie took a split second to appreciate her bestie’s man. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and teal silk long sleeve shirt. Some guys couldn’t pull that off, but Dax could.

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