Bearly Healed:Pacific Northwest Bears(4)

By: Moxie North

Cassie even found a job that she excelled at. Granted sitting at a desk at a tattoo parlor wasn’t curing cancer, but she liked the clients. She could deal with every rough biker or yuppie housewife that came through. She even gave them some subtle hints when they would discuss how they wanted a cartoon character or an Asian script that they thought said fighter and really meant parking attendant.

The tattoo artists liked her, and she kept their schedules booked and managed to keep their operating expenses balanced. She’d taken over all of their ordering and promotion after they had realized she wasn’t a brain dead bimbo. Cassie felt like she made a difference there.

Then Effie found Dax. Cass was happy for her. Dax was amazing. He was a hot, scratch that, smoking hot guy. He was a millionaire. He owned his own winery and bottled wine. Apparently, people really liked his wine. Cassie preferred orange soda.

Cass had come to terms with mooching her pad off of Dax. He’d told her that whatever made his mate happy is what he’d do. Effie needed Cass to be happy, therefore Dax needed Cassie.

It was an odd symbiosis. But it worked. Cassie came and went from her job. She didn’t have to pay rent or utilities anymore since again she was mooching a sixteen hundred square foot pad from her bestie. Dax had weekly grocery deliveries to the main house, and after she’d moved in, she would come home to find her fridge stocked too. And not just weird healthy food, real food. Things that were artificially flavored and colored.

So outside of clothes and hair dye she didn’t have a lot of expenses. Even on her meager salary, she’d managed to save some money. That was until she’d been turned into a sardine stuck in a can on Christmas Eve.

She didn’t know how long she was going to stay out in the woods. Her ability to make future plans for herself was not possible. She wanted to wrap up, numb out, and hide from her future as Frankenstein’s monster. Hobbling around town, scaring all the little children. Well, that might be fun, she thought.

Chapter 3

The plane touched down at the tiny airport. She didn’t complain when Dax carried her off the jet, since negotiating the narrow stairs was tricky even without crutches. Cass could just pick up the salt on the air from being so close to the ocean.

Filling her lungs, she let the crisp air sink into her lungs. It wasn’t bad.

Dax tucked her into a monster SUV that had a long third row seat. Effie had packed about a dozen pillows to stuff around her like she was made of glass. The drive to the Rochons was just shy of two hours. The pill she’d taken on the plane was still working just fine, so she closed her eyes and let the boring drive slip away.

“Cass, babe, we’re here,” Effie said, giving her shoulder a shake.

Cassie tried to pry her eyes open, but they were heavy and didn’t want to budge. She was in a medication fog. One that she’d grown accustomed to. Dax was standing outside the car, greeting a large man and woman that looked to be somewhere in their late fifties but maybe sixties. Rugged outdoor life probably kept you looking youthful.

“You sure they are okay with me being here?” Cassie asked, suddenly realizing she’d agreed to become the ward of some strangers.

“Of course. Kenzi will be by soon to say hi. The boys were all told to give you some space to settle in. The Rochon brothers and their wives, plus their little ones are a bit overwhelming. Trust me, Christmas was insane,” Effie said, then realized what she’d said.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I just meant…” She faded off. Christmas had been amazing up until that phone call.

“Don’t worry about it, biotch. I’m sure it was fun. Hell, I was having fun up to a point too. Although some of those pictures online didn’t really do me justice,” she tried to joke.

“Well, Connie is like a nursemaid, B&B owner, and nanny all wrapped up in one. She’ll keep you fed and warm, and hopefully all this fresh mountain air will speed your recovery,” Effie said, trying to sound cheerful.

“I suppose you scheduled rehab for me as well, huh?” Cassie ground out. She wasn’t a child; she knew her friend was trying to help. And fuck all if she wasn’t an invalid currently. She just hated being treated that way.

“Yes, but since I know you didn’t like going where there were a bunch of people, we’ve arranged private rehab. They’ll be coming twice a week and can help you out right here,” Effie said.

Cassie had started rehab in a large facility. Her knee was the biggest problem currently. It just didn’t want to work right. The tendons were healing, but it was still weak. Her stomach wasn’t even tender anymore from the surgery. She often poked at the healing scar just to check. Her ankle would need some rehab but nothing major.

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