Bearly Healed:Pacific Northwest Bears(10)

By: Moxie North

Cassie was only half listening, concentrating on her food instead. She’d heard the sons were taking a step back to focus on their families. Still working the business but finally letting some others help. Apparently Edward Rochon was the youngest of six boys, so there was plenty of help to be had. She heard names bandied about Conner, Wyatt, Cage, Cash, she knew. Conner was married to Dax’s sister Kenzi. She’d never met Wyatt or Cage. She was sure since they lived in the cabins on the same property as their parents it was only a matter of time.

Cash she knew helped out when Effie had been kidnapped by her asshole ex-boyfriend. What a douche. But other than what Effie told her, she only knew he was big, bearded, and willing to help. Soon as they were done with the cops, he’d hightailed it out of town.

Other names she hadn’t recognized. Tanner and Edison, which she assumed were more family members.

Finishing her plate, she sat back against the couch and stared at the flames again. She’d found most people didn’t expect her to be involved in conversations now. Granted after the accident her pain med fog made that nearly impossible anyway. Now they had just stopped trying to force her to engage. It was fine with her.

Chapter 6

She hadn’t even noticed the change in conversation until she saw Effie get up to help Connie in the kitchen. Dax, of course, jumped up to help, and Effie lit into him about how she was pregnant not armless and legless, like Cass.

“I’ve got arms,” Cass grumbled.

“Those skinny twigs are useless.” Effie sniffed and walked into the kitchen.

Quickly bowls of hot peach cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream were handed out. Cassie was stuffed, but she’d make room for sugar. She scooped up a heaping spoonful of molten syrupy goodness and shoved it in her mouth.

“Oh, shit, hot!” she squealed. She looked up at the faces assembled. She guessed she was a little loud. “Sorry,” she mumbled around the food. Shit, she was apologizing a lot.

“You clearly haven’t met our boys if you think shit is going to ruffle any feathers,” Connie said taking a seat in an oversized chair that was near the tatty recliner.

“Ain’t that the fuckin’ truth,” Edward grunted into his bowl.

“See?” Connie said nodding at her husband with an amused look.

“This is really good,” Cassie said, trying to redeem herself. She could handle pity from her new wardens, but she didn’t want disgust.

“Sophie never disappoints,” Effie said, spooning a bit into Dax’s mouth. They did that a lot. Feeding each other. It must be a shifter thing, Cassie thought.

As it became clear that her friend was fading, Effie gave a raised eyebrow and a head tilt in Cassie’s direction when she got Dax’s eye. Dax immediately stood and declared they should all retire. Helping Effie to her feet first, he made sure she wouldn’t wobble then helped up Cassie.

Cassie accepted the offered arm from Dax, grateful that someone else called it a night before her. It was really more than an arm since he wrapped his beefy arm around her waist and half carried her. She was asleep when her head hit the pillow.

Effie came in and got her comfortable, propping pillows under her friend’s legs with practiced hands. Tucking a blanket around Cassie’s shoulders, she kissed her on the forehead. “Sleep tight butthole,” she whispered.

Cassie made a moaning sound and then let out a little snore. Looking down at her friend, Effie hoped that this was the right move. The last thing she wanted Cass to feel was that she was being abandoned.

Walking out the door and quietly shutting it behind her, Effie returned to the great room and stopped short. A mountain of a man was standing talking to Dax. His head turned, and a huge grin split across his face.

“Cash!” Effie called out. She tried to speed walk to him, but her belly made her wobble.

“Damn it, I feel like a circus clown with those giant hula hoop pants on,” she grumbled as she made it to his open arms.

“You look like a fully bloomed flower,” Cash said, giving her a delicate squeeze.

Effie had the good grace to snort. “More like a pumpkin, but thanks for that. What are you doing here?”

“Just wanted to stop by to say hello before you guys left. I’ll be working the cut early tomorrow and didn’t want to miss you. Plus, I needed to make sure you weren’t going on marathon jogs or eating too much raw fish. It’s not good for my godchild, you know.” Cash smiled down at her.

“Damn, I forget how pretty you are,” Effie said. Knowing how protective her mate was, Effie usually kept her eyes to herself. But this was an opportunity to tease her mate. Effie leaned up and wrapped her arms around Cash giving him a big hug.

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