A Warrior Wedding(7)

By: Teresa Gabelman

“What kind of plans?” She loved the feel of his strong body and would never get enough of it.

“Well, that all depends on the blood test.” He turned, taking her into his arms. “I’m going to head to the hospital now while you go to our room and rest. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Jill huffed. “You’re a tease.”

“No, I’m a doctor who loves you.” He tilted her face up to meet his, placing a kiss to her frowning lips. “And my main job is to make sure you’re okay.”

Jill nodded, pulling away. “Fine, I’ll go up to our room and take care of...things...and then rest.” If he could tease, so could she.

In an instant, she was back in his arms. “I don’t think so.” He growled. “I take care of your needs, always. You keep your hands to yourself until I get back. You understand?”

Jill bobbed her head, but cocked her eyebrow. Like he would know.

“Oh, I’ll know.” He answered her thoughts, shocking her, which was something he was good at doing. “Never doubt that.”

Giving him a kiss and a glare, she pushed away from him. “You’re cruel.”

“Get some rest,” Slade ordered. “I want to find you in bed, resting and...”

“Unsatisfied.” She finished for him as she slammed the door behind her. “Jerk,” she whispered, but grinned, feeling better than she had in days. Maybe Steve and Adam were right. Just letting Slade know what was going on took some of the stress off her, making her feel better. It had to be stress making her sick, but deep down, she knew it wasn’t that simple.


As soon as the door closed behind Jill, Slade’s grin quickly formed into a frown. Worry marred his handsome features. Turning, he grabbed his phone and put in a quick call to the hospital. Someone knocked on the door before it opened. Slade held up his hand as he grabbed the envelopes with Jill’s blood.

“I’ll be there in fifteen. I appreciate it.” He hung up turning. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Is she okay?” Blaze stood just inside the door, his golden eyes not looking away from Slade’s deadly glare.

Realizing he still didn’t know what the hell this asshole did to her, Slade set down her precious blood in a safe place. “What did you do to her?” His voice was even, but held an edge of ‘answer up or face the consequences.’

Blaze’s eyes darkened slightly at the unspoken threat. “She questioned my name and I showed her.” When Slade continued to stare, he continued. “I have the unique power of setting things on fire.”

Slade straightened, the veins in his neck throbbing, his face seething with fury. “And you thought it was a good idea to teach my mate a lesson about your fucking name by setting her on fire. Bad move, motherfucker.” Slade sneered as his eyes turned black, his hands fisted and with no Jill lying unconscious on the floor distracting him and no one to separate them, he unleashed on Blaze.

The men pounded on each other, Slade was impressed by the other man’s abilities, but his worry over Jill gave him the advantage.

“I didn’t set her on fire.” Blaze growled as he evaded a punch landing one of his own. “Only made her feel a little heat. I’m a bastard, but I would never hurt an innocent woman, just teach her some manners.”

“You teach my mate nothing, and if you ever put her in harm’s way again, I will kill you without a second thought.” With one last punch to Blaze’s gut and an upper cut to his chin, Slade finally sat the big bastard on his ass.

Blaze looked up at Slade as if he wanted to say something, but stopped himself. With a nod, he stood and wiped the blood from his mouth. Walking out the door, he added, “I’ll honor your request, but stay the fuck out of my face.”

Slade stared at the empty doorway. “Then don’t piss me off.” He didn’t care if the fucker heard him or not. Slade touched his eye. Pulling his hand away, blood stained his fingers. He cursed. He had more important matters to take care of. Grabbing the envelopes off the desk, he picked up his keys and headed out the door, the feeling of dread following his every footstep. He hoped to hell he was mistaken, but clutching his mate’s life in his hands, he had a bad feeling he was far from wrong.


Jill didn’t really disobey Slade. She was resting in the kitchen trying to stomach some warm Pepsi and crackers. So far so good. Nothing was coming up and her stomach seemed calm. It was rare to be in the kitchen alone. Looking around, she still couldn’t believe she was living in the VC Warrior compound and was an actual active Warrior. She was surrounded by good people who cared for her, had a man who never in her wildest dreams had she thought would ever give her a second look, and that alone made her realize how lucky she was. She was a half-breed vampire against her will, but the end result was she had found her soul mate. Slade was everything to her and she felt she was everything to him. Even with their relationship being new, her love for him was something special, and that didn’t happen every day.

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