A Warrior Wedding(65)

By: Teresa Gabelman

Lana elbowed Sid in the stomach. “I think it was romantic and if I ever need to be changed I want it done on the City Hall steps.”

“Honey, if I ever change you it will be in my bed with my...” Sid started, but Lana covered his mouth with her hand blushing.

“Any word from your brother?” Jared asked Jax as Duncan joined them.

“No, but we will,” Jax replied, taking a long drink of beer.

“What do you mean we?” Duncan asked, but everyone’s attention turned to Jax.

“He’s coming and we need to be ready.” Jax looked at each one of them, then back to Caroline who looked up at him at that moment. “He doesn’t play nice and will use whatever means necessary to take us down.”

“What exactly happened between you and your brother?” Sid asked, eyeing Jax. “I mean we’ve dealt with a lot of mean bastards. What makes your brother any different?”

“He killed our sister.” Jax straightened eyeing each Warrior surrounding him. “That’s what makes him more dangerous than anyone we’ve ever dealt with. He doesn’t give a fuck and he’s coming. He’s dangerously patient to the point you think he’s moved on, he waits for the right time to strike and will take out anyone in his way.”

With that said Jax left the group of Warriors to get another beer. His eyes caught Caroline who was watching his every move. He vowed right then and there his brother would never touch one hair on her head. Caroline Fitzpatrick was his and no one touched what was his.

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