Dragon Bound(139)

By: Thea Harrison

As he started gathering up her packages, she opened up his wallet.

A plain white card was just inside. Strong masculine writing slashed across it. It said, “Put me back.”

She drooped. Rats. He must have talked about her with the other sentinels who were much better versed in her character flaws. She tucked the wallet into his back pocket. He reached back and patted her hand. “I’m taking the bags out to the car,” he told her. “Be right back.”

He walked out. Just like that she lost what little control she’d had over her life. She tobogganed right out of the fun bit of the drunk and plunged into the snowdrift labeled the sorry stage.

He came back and scooped her into his arms. He was such a mean barbarian and he was being so careful with her, so gentle and nice. And she couldn’t let herself rely on him. She couldn’t let herself totally rely on anyone ever again.

Her head fell against his arm as he carried her out of the motel.

She sang, “Sad, sad, sad, sad.”

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