Ryder:SEALs of Honor, Book 14(60)

By: Dale Mayer

So it was abstinence for him.

Something he never thought he’d say.

A commotion at the restaurant entrance had the diners turning to look. The military police stepped inside and turned to study the patrons. The officer closest to them stood tall, her posture commanding, powerful. He’d seen that in men but not in a woman. In spite of himself, he was intrigued. The thought of abstinence was immediately discarded.

Hell no. Not with this woman.

Now seated at the table again, Ryder took one look and said, “Uh-oh, I hope she’s not coming over here.”

“Why?” Caitlyn asked. “I’ve seen Alex at the gym several times. She’s really nice.”

“She might be, but she’s also the hotshot new CID special agent. She just transferred in from Back East.”

Macklin studied the tall slim woman who even now walked toward him. “I don’t think I’ve met her.”

Caitlyn jumped to her feet as the agent approached. “Hi, Alex.”

A warmth lit up the thirtysomething woman’s eyes. She acknowledged Caitlyn’s greeting, but her gaze was locked on Macklin.

He raised his eyebrow and waited.

“I need you to come down to the station, please,” she said in low tones.

Macklin frowned at the others at the table, then turned back to her. “Sure. Can you tell me why?”

“We need to ask you some questions.” She waited quietly. No pressure but no relenting.

He would go with her one way or the other. “Questions about what?” He pulled out his wallet and tossed a few bills on the table. Lunch was obviously not happening.

“A young woman. I believe you know her. Marsha McEwan?”

He froze. Caitlyn and Ryder’s gasps echoed his own. Corey jumped up from his seat at the table. “I’ll come with you, Mac.”

Macklin stared at the agent, hating that he wanted to drown in her clear-mountain-lake blue eyes, and stood, instantly dwarfing her. In no way did she appear intimidated.

“I’d be happy to come,” he said calmly. “What’s the problem?”

“She’s dead.”

This concludes Book 14 of SEALs of Honor: Ryder.

Book 15 is available here.

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