Sneak Peek: Pretend Daddy(3)

By: Amy Brent

I, on the other hand, have never wanted more from anyone in my entire life. For forty-two years, I’ve been a happy bachelor and proud to never have had a long-term relationship with anyone other than my secretary. However, I’m not a jerk and telling girls—especially the ones who’ve given me a great time such as this one—that there’s no tomorrow for us and that she’ll be forgotten exactly two seconds after she walks out of my door still makes me feel like shit.

But that was an unnecessary evil. Although I still had over a week in NYC, my schedule was so damn full I had no time—or interest—to spend with someone who wasn’t in a position to further my family’s business—no matter how young, wild and hot they were. I was in this city to close deals and make money; that was it.

Just as I steeled myself for the unpleasant conversation ahead, my phone started ringing again. A look of disappointment flashed in her eyes as I shifted my gaze from her face to the nightstand holding my device.

“Since we’re no longer fucking, I guess you’ll have to answer that, right?” she asked with a sigh.

With an almost relieved smirk on my lips, I shrugged and reached for the device. As I brought the phone to my ear, my delightful bedmate started cleaning herself up, and I simply couldn’t look away. Her body was just that beautiful.

“Hello,” I said into the speaker without even looking who the caller was first.

“Mr. Benjamin Walker?” a woman asked on the other side of the line. After I had confirmed that it was me, she cleared her throat and then said, “Hello, sir. My name is Jennifer Lee, and I’m calling from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.” My brows pulled together at the introduction, and the grim tone of her voice as she continued made a shiver go down my spine. “I’m sad to inform that your father, Mr. Kevin Walker, suffered a massive heart attack this afternoon at his home and was rushed to our care. Despite our team’s best efforts, we were unable to save him. He passed away at two-twenty-eight.”

He passed away, I repeated in my head, completely stunned. Dad’s dead.

Tears pooled in my eyes for the first time since my mother died fifteen years ago and I instantly pulled my gaze away from the naked woman in my hotel bed and stood up, disgusted at myself that I was fucking while my father—the only family I had left—was dying. I grabbed my pants and put them on, no longer comfortable being naked in front of her. Then, I paced back and forth while I listened to Jennifer Lee explain to me that as Dad’s next of kin there were decisions I had to make.

Once we hung up the call, the girl I was once so excited about was hovering around me like a vulture. “I’m so sorry,” she said, having clearly heard some of my conversation.

For some reason, her sympathy angered me and turned me into something I strive hard not to be: a class A jerk.

With a set jaw and cold eyes, I turned to look at her and barked, “I don’t need your sympathy, I need you to disappear. You’ve done your part tonight, now go find another cock to fuck and leave me alone.”

Her eyes filled with tears and her lips started to tremble, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t care. My dad was gone, and I was all out of cares to give.

Chapter 2 - Ben

I sat alone on my living room couch and sipped my third whiskey of the day. Feeling numb with grieve and alcohol, I looked at the group of people that came to my home hoping to pay their last respects to my dead father and felt the ghost of a smile curl on my lips.

The turnout was impressive. Everyone, from neighbors and friends to our office’s genitor and high-level executives of competing companies, had come to say goodbye and offer me their sympathies for the loss of such an extraordinary man. For a businessman of his stature that was nothing short of a miracle, but if there was one thing to be said about Kevin Walker was that despite his success in business and his fortune he was a kind man who truly cared about people. That made him not only the best father and friend a man could wish for but also well and widely loved by all.

And now he was gone, and I was alone.

With a weight pressing down on my chest, I closed my eyes, brought my tumbler to my lips and finished my drink in one gulp. In the darkness, I allowed the nothingness of the alcohol to replace the pain I felt and, for just a second, it was like everything was as it should be.

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