Dirty (Dive Bar #1)(96)

By: Kylie Scott

“Yeah,” said Vaughan. “I am. You still got a problem with me, don’t want me working here. Fine. I quit. I’m not interested in making trouble in the Dive Bar.”

A tongue worked behind Eric’s cheek, his gaze inscrutable. Then he climbed onto a chair and clapped his hands, calling up everyone’s attention, staff and customers alike.

Oh shit. What now?

“Got an announcement to make,” he said, looking down at us all from on high. “Two valued members of the Dive Bar family, Lydia and Vaughan, just decided to get married. I’d like to offer them my congratulations.”

Applause erupted.

So did I. “What? We didn’t do that. We didn’t get engaged.”

“We sort of did,” said Vaughan, kissing my hand.

“To celebrate,” said Eric, smiling at one and all. “Drinks are on the house!”

I, however, was not smiling, what with being on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. “I can’t get engaged two weeks after not getting married. Who would do that? No one would do that. It’s crazy!”

“Babe.” Vaughan grinned, enjoying the moment entirely too much. “Don’t worry about it. It’s just out there somewhere, waiting until you’re ready.”

“But we’re not really engaged, right?”

“I love you,” he said, kissing my lips.

“Crap.” I deflated, basically collapsing against him. It was all too much and my heart was on the line. Again. Blood rushed behind my ears while people clapped and whooped. Champagne corks were already popping. And there Vaughan stood, waiting patiently for me to get my shit together.

“If you go away, you’ll come back?” I asked.

He met my eyes without a shadow of fear or doubt. “I’ll come back.”

“Okay. All right.”

This wasn’t Chris asshole Delaney. This was Vaughan. My Vaughan. He didn’t say shit he didn’t mean. He loved me. But what’s more, I loved him.

“I’ll be waiting,” I said.

“Babe.” His smile, the blue of his eyes … everything about the man. Everything.

Unable to hold back, I launched myself at him.

Customers were treated to quite a show, Masa started singing again (something by the Stones this time), me and Vaughan were rolling around on the floor. Things were crazy in the Dive Bar.

Thing is, sometimes crazy works.

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