Toby's God
Author:Tom Georges

    Toby’s God

    ByTom Georges

    Copyright2008 Tom Georges


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    Toby’s God

    May 14, 1995 – Tonight he dies. It hurts,but it’s the only way. Without me, nothing good would havehappened in his life, and with his finding out about me, I can’tcontinue. Without me, he will suffer. So it must be done. I amtired.

    Dean Nichols put the pen and diary down along withhis reading glasses, and got up from his comfortable spot in hisleather desk chair. He had a right to be tired – this had beengoing on for over 30 years now, and the longest “vacation” he hadtaken was for about a week when he had bypass surgery. That wasdifficult – being “in the dark” as he was. He vowed to takebetter care of himself so his health would never take him away fromhis life’s purpose. His penance.

    And penance it was. Not doled out by a priest,but a self-imposed life sentence. A full-time second job, actually. Keeping up the way he did with Toby’s life was something thatinhabited every waking hour – and many when he wasn’t awake. Butwhat else could he do? Lesser men would have written the whole thingoff as youthful foolishness and then went on with their lives. Butthis was something Dean just could not do. He never asked why – hejust knew.

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