The Twelve Days of Christmas Mystery - A book by Daphne Coleridge
Author:Daphne Coleridge

    TheTwelve Days of Christmas Mystery

    ByDaphne Coleridge

    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright © Daphne Coleridge2011

    Itwas Laura Latimer, Lady of the Manor, who made her way down thedraughty corridor to open the ancient double doors to her guests. Shewas greeted by the smiling face of Keith Lowe, the village doctor,and his wife of a few months, Veronica.

    “MerryChristmas!” exclaimed Veronica. “We’ve even brought you aseasonal flurry of snow.”

    Laurasquinted out into the darkness and saw that where the warm light fromthe mullioned windows of Claresby Manor fell on the ground outside ittwinkled on a thin frosting of white. “You’d better come in. Isee you came bearing gifts too. What is that you have, Keith? Itlooks like a small tree.”

    “Apear tree, if I am not mistaken,” said Keith. “Complete withpartridge. And I didn’t bring it; I found it on the doorstep. Atfirst I thought it was a decoration, but there is a gift label onit.”

    Lauraraised an eyebrow at the thing, but ushered the couple briskly to thewarmth of the Great Hall which boasted a blazing fire of apple woodand festive decorations of holly and mistletoe. Rupert, Laura’shusband, rose from his chair, a flush on his benign but ugly face.

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